Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking for Overnight Help?

Are you looking for a good solution for overnight cloth diapering?  Does your baby wake up wet?  I have come to grips with the fact that Elaine is a heavy wetter, at least at night. 

For the longest time we used Rumparooz diapers and added the newborn soaker/doubler to the main insert at night.  Then Elaine started wetting through it. 

After trying several different diapers and combinations, we finally arrived at using a Rumparooz with two newborn soakers in addition to the main insert.  While it kept my baby dry, it was very bulky.  Sometimes it looked like Elaine couldn’t even put her legs together!

6r_soakerEnter the Rumparooz Hemp 6R Soaker.  I love this insert!  Hemp is thin and trim, but yet very absorbent.  We decided to try this for our overnight solution.  We use both the main insert, and the newborn insert for nighttime.  Elaine is starting to sleep longer at night – 12 hours or more in one shot.  She wakes up dry with her Rumparooz hemp insert!

You can use this insert in any pocket diaper, and you could probably lay it inside of a cover with a stay-dry liner on top.  Give the Rumparooz hemp 6R soaker a try for your overnight solution!


Katie Adams said...

how do you use the insert? I have a RumpaRooz G2 with 6r soaker but I am not sure what's the best way to use it. On a regular pocket diaper I will put an insert inside the pocket & then a gCloth between baby and diaper. This keeps the shell from getting wetting and being able to use it all day. With the G2 having the 6r it threw me for a loop! :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd love it if you could pm me at so I can make sure I see it.!


Andrea Hamilton said...

@Katie -
I am not familiar with the gDiapers – I keep meaning to look into them, but I haven’t yet. My baby is 12 months, and a tall, skinny, 17 pounds. I have her Rumparooz set on the medium setting. I use the 6R soaker with the larger insert snapped down so it’s not as long. Then you snap the newborn/contoured insert to the larger insert. There is only one set of snaps where you can do this.

Since the Rumparooz is a pocket diaper, it is a single use diaper (meaning you have to wash the “shell” after every use). I don’t use a liner on top of the fleece inside fabric. The fleece goes directly against my baby, and inside the pocket is the 6R soaker.

If I am using the hemp 6R soaker, that is all I use. If I am using the microfiber 6R soaker, I have found that I have to add another small microfiber insert inside the pocket in order to have enough absorbency at night.

Hope that helps!

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