Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinking About Cloth Diapering? Read this! (But get a snack and get comfy...) part 1

guest post by Crystal Biehl
Lately, I have been getting several emails from expecting mom friends wanting to know about cloth diapers.  They see the cute pictures of my little man in his fluff and want to know more! I've actually compiled a standard email I send out with all the things I've learned over the last 10 months! I thought it would be fun to share it as a blog post! So, read and let me know what tips you would share too!
I've won several different brands that I love--I recommend most of them.  Here  are my all time favorites-- bumGenius, Softbums, Babykicks, Pixie Poppits, Lollidoo overnight eco-pocket, IttyBittyBums. 
A little about each brand--all of these are One-Size fits all except Ittybittybums:  (I won some Rumparooz cloth diapers but haven't tried them yet--I've heard great things so I will let you know). 
One Size Diapers
BumGenius OS:  They make these in Velcro closures (also called Aplix) and also snaps.  Don't be afraid of snaps.  I was and I wish I hadn't been.  They are super easy to use.  Even the Hubs would agree.  The Velcro tends to look a little worn 9 months's still super sticky and works great, just doesn't look as good.  These come in a pocket style--that means you put the insert inside the diaper pocket. 
Softbums: These are cool because you adjust them with hidden drawstrings.  I won one of these and now I wish I had more of them.  These are called an All-in-2 because you just snap the insert into the diaper--no pocket to stuff an insert into.  Also, these adjust to fit a 5 lb. newborn! BumGenius OS fit starting around 10 pounds.  Honestly, Softbums are my number 1 favorite diaper.  Hands down.
Babykicks:  These are side-snapping diapers and I just really like the way they fit Collin.  A great fit on a chunky baby. I especially like the soft fleece leg gussets! Very gentle on the skin!
Lollidoo Overnight Eco-Pockets:  You are going to want probably 3 of these once your baby gets bigger and pees more at night.  These are amazing night time diapers.  Collin will wear it for 12 hours, have a big poop, and nothing leaks out.  They are really soft and just awesome.  But they cost 32 bucks a piece--I know, expensive, but worth it, I promise.  I actually have 4.
Pixie Poppits:  These come in Velcro and snaps.  They are made in Australia so they will tend to cost more.  But the fabric they are made out of is awesome.
Sized Diapers
IttyBittyBums:  A girl on Etsy makes these.  I love them and they are only 10 or 11 dollars a piece.  They come in Velcro and snaps.  These come in sizes though.    They are called All-in-2 because you just lay the insert in it.  No pocket stuffing.  I actually plan on buying lots of these for my next newborn...some day!
Save Money!
I DO recommend one-size fits all just because it will save you some money in the long run.  Plus, in the beginning, there were days where Collin would wear the diaper at one size and then I'd have to change it part way through the day. He was a growing boy! And, if you go with Softbums, they WILL fit your baby at birth.
Crystal Biehl Guest BlogCrystal is a SAHM to one handsome little man.  She lives with her hubby out in the country, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She started cloth diapering Collin at birth and has never regretted it! Besides her love of fluff, she enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, baking, and any activity outside! You can read more about Crystal at her blog, Biehl Adventures.
Come back tomorrow for part 2!

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