Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cloth Diapers at the Doctor’s Office

Day 30 Something that makes you sadToday Nolan is sick.  So we loaded up the stroller and made the 10 block trek to the doctor’s office.  We found a break in the rain, and it was a balmy 65 degrees outside.

Today my doctor had two medical student’s observing her visits with patients.  They didn’t say anything, but they were probably wondering what exactly my son was wearing.  A robotronics Rumparooz diaper isn’t what they usually see when you strip the baby down to clean diaper.

I went through several doctors before I found one who appreciated – rather than demeaned – my choice to cloth diaper my kids.  I actually changed doctors after I was told that Elaine would need to wear disposables until she was potty trained – because of one allergic reaction diaper rash. 

My pediatrician in Virginia (when Elaine was born) was also cloth diapering her baby, so we immediately had a connection.  But while my doctor likes Nolan’s cloth diapers and always comments on them, the nurses are not so sure.  Invariably the comments are something like, “What kind of diapers are those?” Or, “I’ll let you fasten it back on.  It looks complicated.”

I usually try to say something along the lines of cloth diapers save me a lot of money, and they are better for my baby because they don’t contain any chemicals.  But they still look skeptical.

How about you?  How does your doctor and the nurses treat you for choosing cloth diapers?  Maybe soon cloth diapers will be just as frequently seen in the doctor’s office as the disposable diapers.  Maybe soon.

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