Thursday, December 29, 2011

Genius Series by bumGenius!

bg-freetime-snap thumbnailThe first of the new Genius prints by bumGenius! have arrived!  This series will feature designs created by the Cotton Babies design staff, and named after famous geniuses.  I have been waiting a while for these to get here – I fell in love with them at first sight!  These prints are available in the 4.0 One Size Diaper and include a newborn insert, an adjustable insert, and feature a snap-down rise.

The Albert diaper is named after Albert Einstein.  It’s chalkboard doodlings design is a great tribute to the man most well known for his theory of relativity.


The Lovelace diaper is a whimsical design perfect for a little girl. Countess Ada Lovelace was known for writing a paper that looked ahead towards what we know today as a computer and computer programs... over 100 years ago.


Elaine is now potty trained so I didn’t have a model for the Lovelace print.  However, Nolan was more than happy to pose in the Albert diaper.  He has just started sitting up and crawling (army style) at almost-six months.  Take a peek at these great new prints!

Nolan in Albert Genius diaper

Nolan in Albert Genius diaper

Nolan in Albert Genius diaper

You can order your own Genius print by clicking here.  It’s not visible in the pictures, so I also wanted to point out that the Lovelace diaper has four different colored snaps on the butterfly tabs – one in each of the four colors in the design print.  It really stands out nicely!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Win-It Wednesday

Today you can enter to win a bumGenius! Tiny Socialite Artist Series diaper in your choice of in-stock print!
Chelsea Perry Diapers
Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  It is easy!  Giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012.  Prize may only be shipped to a USA address.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

2011 Doable Diapers Christmas Card jpg

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Thank you for supporting and following Doable Diapers in 2011.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2012!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kanga Care 15% Off Sale


Save 15% off All Rumparooz, Kanga Care,
and Eco-Posh Items
December 17 through December 22
Use Code SLEIGHBELLS at checkout

*In-Stock items.  Packages excluded.  Orders received will ship via USPS First Class Mail, Parcel Post, and Priority Mail.  Delivery by Christmas cannot be guaranteed.  Kanga Care items may not be shipped outside of the USA.  Non-Kanga Care items should be purchased in a separate transaction, or your order may be cancelled or refunded.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a Little Update…

Tomorrow Nolan and I are jumping on a plane for Orlando, FL.  My best friend Danielle is getting married, and I wouldn’t miss her special day for anything!  I haven’t seen her since she came to visit me in NYC over a year ago, so I’m even more excited to be with her for a couple of days before the wedding.

Danielle Visits NYC - Statue of Liberty and NYC Skyline

I have a series on Potty Training/Learning and some reviews on Potty Training products.  Rather than have them get lost in the holidays, I decided to wait until January.  We’ll probably do a couple of giveaways too.  So enjoy your holidays, but be sure to come back and check in on Elaine’s potty training journey!

Until next week… enjoy you holiday preparations and cherish what is most meaningful!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day

This is Wednesday…the middle of the week…hump day.  Sometimes I feel like Wednesday is the toughest day of my week, but if I can make it through Wednesday, then I can make it through the rest of the week! 

I know that even when we try to keep things simple, somehow it always gets hectic at this time of year.  So here is a coupon code to brighten your day, just in case you are having a rough “hump day.”


Use code FLUFFYCHRISTMAS to get a FREE one size diaper with your order of $40 or more. 

Doable Diapers will select the brand of diaper.  The free diaper will not display in your cart.  If you enter the coupon code then we will include your free diaper with your order.  You may make a color request in the comments box at checkout, and we will do our best to comply!  And shipping is always FREE at Doable Diapers!*

*to the United States

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Product Spotlight: Planet Wise Nursing Covers

If you have been here long, you know that I support breastfeeding.  I have nursed my babies everywhere I go – from the baseball game, to the NY subway, to the airplane, and many restaurants.  But I also believe in being modest while nursing.  Now Doable Diapers has a new product that supports both of these ideas: the Planet Wise Nursing Cover.


The Planet Wise Nursing Cover has several great features:

  • This simple and discreet, yet stylish nursing cover helps Mama feel at ease breastfeeding in any environment
  • Rigid neckline allows easy baby viewing while the extended fabric sides give additional privacy
  • Easily adjusted neck straps taking it on and off is a breeze
  • Side pocket to keep items handy
  • Small, matching, zippered storage bag included
  • 100% cotton

I especially like the rigid neckline.  I use a similar style nursing cape when I breastfeed Nolan in public.  It allows Nolan to have some light and air, and we can maintain eye contact at the same time as we maintain modesty.  It makes me feel more comfortable without sacrificing Nolan’s relaxation and comfort.  I also like the matching storage bag.  This would definitely keep my diaper bag much neater! 

As can be expected from any Planet Wise item, there are many varied and attractive fabric patterns to choose from.  There is something for everyone!

This would make a great gift for any expectant mom also.  I plan to give it as a shower gift to those moms I know who have decided not to use cloth diapers.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Wet Bags and Pail Liners

Mailbox Mondays button

Today’s question comes from Tosha:

“We are still trying for a bun, but I have been stockpiling.  My question is one average how many wet bags and pail liners does it take to cloth diaper??”

The number of wet bags and pail liners you need will vary based on your wash routine, but I would definitely suggest two of each size that you use.  This will allow you to have one set in the wash, and one set in use at all times.  I tried to do it with one pail liner for a while, but I would always get the really poopy diaper when my liner was in the wash.  Then I had no place to put it!

I use a small wet bag for wipes in my diaper bag, a medium bag for dirty diapers on-the-go, and a hanging wet bag in the bathroom for poopy diapers that have been sprayed out with the diaper sprayer.  Then I have a pail next to my changing table.  I would suggest a Planet Wise pail liner for smaller pails, and a Kanga Care pail liner for larger pails, or those who have to transport dirty diapers to the laundry facility.  The Kanga Care liner has a draw string, while the Planet Wise bag does not.

In my stash I have two of the wet bags for my wipes, three medium bags for the diaper bag, and two each of the hanging wet bags and pail liners.  I wash every 2-3 days, and this has been sufficient to meet our needs.

Good luck Tosha – I hope that God adds a little one to your family soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Newborn Cloth Diapering

Mailbox Mondays button

I had several people ask questions regarding newborn cloth diapers.  Here is what they said:

Angela asked: "Which cloth diapers are best for newborn babies and preemie's?”

Sarah asked: “I am new to cloth and would love to use cloth diapers on our baby that is due in November.  My main concern is What Size & Type of Cloth Diaper works the best on a breastfeed newborn?”

Hannah asked: “I'm expecting our first in April and really want to cloth diaper.  I've purchased a few newborn cloth diapers to use before one size diapers (which I've yet to decide on).  Any advice for setting up a newborn cloth diaper stash?  How many diapers do I need?  I was thinking of doing mainly prefolds and covers along with a few AIOs.  I don't want to spend to much because I know it won't be used for long.  Any advice?”

Lulu asked, "We are new to cloth diapering and just starting out our stash, what would experienced CD mamas suggest for the newborn stage?”

Great questions!  I had many of the same questions, and learned by trial and error.  I have now cloth diapered two newborns, but I started using cloth earlier with my second than I did with my first baby.  With Elaine I waited until her cord stump fell off, and we started using cloth full time around 2 weeks old.  Nolan went straight into cloth as soon as he came home from the hospital.

I have a few suggestions regarding newborn cloth diapers. 

1.  Consider the size of your baby.  My babies have both been around 7 pounds, and skinny.  Just a bit too small for those one size diapers from day one.  If you tend toward larger babies, you can likely skip the newborn diaper stage.

2.  Consider your budget.  Most newborns will wear their newborn diapers for as long as two weeks, and up to a month or a little longer.  Elaine wore her small sized FuzziBunz diapers for nearly a year!  Nolan was done with newborn diapers in under 2 weeks.  Every baby is different.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a big stash of newborn diapers that would barely be worn.

For this reason, prefolds and covers are a great choice for newborn cloth diapering.  They are economical to purchase, and easy to care for (which is especially helpful during those early days of adjustment when you have so much more on your mind than washing diapers).  I preferred a Snappi fastener to help contain the EBF poo a little better.  Keep in mind that newborns will get their diapers changed around 12 times a day, so be sure to have enough in your stash to allow for wash/dry time.  I also found a newborn cover to be better than a one size cover.  I really liked the Rumparooz Newborn/Preemie cover because of the double leg gussets, and the gentle tummy elastic.

I purchased a few x-small FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers for Nolan.  I enjoyed the ease of putting them on quickly, but he went through them so fast!  I used them for his newborn pictures and when we went out and about.  They did fit a little better than one size diapers, but we primarily used prefolds or one size pocket diapers. 

3.  Buy used, or share with friends.  If you can get some gently used newborn diapers, it would be a great idea.  They have been used for such a short time that you will likely get diapers in excellent condition.  Or, if you have a friend who is also expecting you could share the cost of a newborn stash and pass them on when you are done.  I was able to pass my newborn diapers to a friend for her preemie baby.  When she is done she will pass them back for me to use on our next little one.

4.  Consider style, closure, and fabric choices.  I prefer a stay-dry type diaper or pocket diaper.  They dry faster and keep the baby’s skin dry.  I found that many newborn diapers were AIO (all-in-one) and they took a very long time to dry.  I couldn’t customize the absorbency, so they were not used very often. 

You may prefer an aplix closure to get a very exact fit on a little newborn.  I prefer snaps in general, but the aplix was helpful in the beginning.

If you are starting cloth in the hospital, you may want a diaper with a snap-down option for the baby’s cord stump.  I found that with a cover and prefolds I could easily tuck the cover low enough to not bother Nolan’s cord stump.

5.  Everything will be bulky.  I really wanted to test my one size diapers on Nolan and see if they were truly one size, fitting from birth to potty training.  My FuzziBunz and Rumparooz fit Nolan just fine in the beginning, but it took a few weeks before I could get the bumGenius to fit properly.  He was average size at birth, not too skinny, and has grown quickly.  I initially hesitated to use my “big” one size diapers on a brand new baby, but I quickly realized that everything is bulky on a little baby.  The one size diapers may seem huge, but it won’t take long before baby is filling them out well.

6.  Buy a few, then wait for baby.  While I completely understand that everyone wants to be prepared for baby’s arrival and have your stash complete, it may be wise to have a few items on hand and then purchase more after your baby arrives.  You can see if he is big or small, rolly-polly, or kinda skinny.  This will help you determine if newborn diapers are needed, and for how long they may be in use.  Then you can spend more or less on your newborn stash as your baby needs, rather than being over or under prepared.

Kim Rosas from Dirty Diaper Laundry kept extensive records on many, many brands of newborn diapers and how they fit and performed on her newborn.  You may find her final report on newborn diapers helpful as you build a newborn stash.  She also wrote a report comparing various one size diapers on a newborn.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I’m Still Here…

I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  The holiday rush has hit my household this week.  We had guests last week, and we’re finishing up some church activities and projects through next week, and then I can breathe…until I fly to Florida for my best friend’s wedding on the 19th.  Whew!  I even did all of my shopping ahead of time so this wouldn’t happen, but I still find myself lagging behind.

In the midst of everything else, we have been busy potty training Elaine, and it does take quite a bit of time and focus.  So I will be here as often as I can, but it will likely be sparse until after the holidays.

I’ll leave you with a little snapshot of something that happened last week.  Nolan finally got to meet his Grandpa in person!  Nolan takes after my side of the family, and has quite a resemblance to my dad.  What do you think?

DSC00515 (1)

I’ll be back later with some things I have learned about potty training, a review of the Eco-Posh Organic Trainers, and some more goodies.  I hope your holiday was as blessed and happy as mine!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving JPG

Your friends at Doable Diapers: Ben, Andrea, Nolan, & Elaine

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sale!!!

Black Friday Sale

Here are the super details of our Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale!  We are putting all in-stock merchandise (Eco-Posh and Planet Wise items excluded) on sale for 20% off!  Most manufacturer’s don’t allow sales over 10% off, so be sure to take advantage of this rare sale!  As always, shipping is FREE at Doable Diapers to any USA address. 

Or… Choose to buy 4 Rumparooz diapers and get 1 free.  (This promotion may not be combined with the 20% off promotion).

Or… Choose to get 10% off Eco-Posh and Planet Wise products

BLACKCYBER20 – 20% off your entire order, plus FREE shipping!

RARB4G1FREE – Buy 4 Rumparooz diapers and get 1 free. Please note that the free diaper will not show in your cart.  Please enter 1-2 color preferences for your free diaper in the comments box at checkout.  FREE shipping!

ECOWISE10 – 10% off Planet Wise and Eco-Posh items.  FREE shipping!

You must use the code in order to receive the sale price.  Offer valid from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, November 25th through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 28th (times are EST).

*Fine Print: Only one coupon may be used per order.  No previous or pending orders will be discounted.  Packages, Eco-Posh, Planet Wise, and gently used items are excluded.  International customers will be invoiced separately for shipping charges.  bumGenius, Flip, Rumparooz, and Eco-Posh products are not able to be shipped outside of the United States. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Potty Training Tools

I have been absent here because Elaine decided she was ready to start potty training last week.  I was not going to start working on it until after the holidays.  So needless to say, I have been very preoccupied! 

We have tried this a couple of times before with no success, but this time she is really getting it!  Though I have read some books and asked a lot of other moms for advice, I am learning things for myself as I go through this stage with Elaine. 

When we started last Thursday, I hurried to throw together my supplies.  I know that each kiddo is different, and there are different techniques and rewards that work for some tots, and not for others.  These are the tools that have proved invaluable for me.

Potty training
We have a jar of M&M’s and Elaine knows that she gets a couple each time she makes a “deposit” in the potty chair.  If she isn’t ready to go, we set the timer.  She knows that when the ladybug dings, she has to try again.

Potty training
Elaine really likes stickers, so in addition to her candy, she gets to add a sticker to her chart each times she “goes.”  I just made a fast spreadsheet on Excel and popped it through the laminator.  We have it on the fridge with a magnet, but it’s portable to wherever the potty happens to be.

Potty training
If I am making Elaine sit for longer than the 2 seconds that she wants to spend on the potty, I have found that I need something to distract her.  She doesn’t want to feel like she’s missing out on the fun because she has to sit on the potty.  She loves to read, so we often have a stack of books next to the potty.

Potty training
{Potty Chair}
This is a “duh!” item on my list.  I chose the BabyBjorn because it had great reviews on Amazon, and it has a fabulous shield on the front for when Nolan’s turn comes around…

Potty training
We have some Gerber training pants, some undies, and some Eco-Posh Trainers in our potty learning stash.  I really like the Eco-Posh panties because they have a hidden layer of TPU.  They can absorb quite a lot, and the TPU adds waterproofing for those unavoidable accidents, yet they look like “panties” to Elaine.  It is so important to her that they are not diapers!  She is a skinny girl, so she still loses pee out the leg holes if she has an accident, but not nearly as much as with the Gerber trainers.

More on potty training to come after the holidays!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go ahead and skip it!

We use diapers with snap closures.  I only have one hook & look diaper in my stash, and I only have it because I was testing out the Rumparooz Aplix.  When I first started cloth diapering (over two years ago – wow!), I was a bit OCD about the snaps.  They had to line up exactly – the same number of snaps on each side.  Vertical snaps were lined up one on top of the other.

While snapping diapers definitely get the award for longevity, and probably for “nicest looking” (no fuzzies or diaper chains in the washer), they do have a down side.  Sometimes your baby needs a setting that falls in between the snaps.  Or maybe {gasp} it means the snaps won’t be symmetrical on each side. 

In the last two years (and more so recently) I have learned that it is okay to have “mis-matched” snaps.  You, know, skip a snap here or there, or choose a different snap setting on each side of the diaper.

When Nolan is wearing an overnight diaper that is double stuffed, I have to give him a little more room around his legs to compensate for the bulk.  On his Rumparooz diapers (two vertical snaps on each side) he has three snaps showing on the top row, and four snaps showing on the bottom row.  He needs more room around the legs, but not at his waist.

Elaine has always been a petite, skinny little thing.  She hovers around the 10th percentile for weight.  (Imagine my surprise when the doctor announced that Nolan is in the…um…98th percentile.  Yeah, I was shocked).  Her FuzziBunz diapers are always skipping snaps.  With two waist snaps and one hip snap, I just pull the diaper until it is snug in all areas.  I often button one waist snap on the last snap, and then skip several snaps as I work toward the center of the diaper, cinching the waistline tight enough.  And on her Apple Cheeks diapers she goes two snaps in on the legs and three snaps in the waist.

See?   It’s okay.  Don’t stress.  Just use the snap that gives the best fit, even if it means skipping snaps or have a non-symmetrical diaper.  Go ahead…just skip it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coconut Oil

I have posted before about different options for rash cream with cloth diapers.  While you can use a liner with commercial rash creams sold in the stores, you still run the risk of harming your diapers (staining, build-up, and voided warranties).  However, there is a natural solution that is also very easy to use, and economically priced: coconut oil!

When Elaine developed a rash a few weeks ago I reached for the coconut oil first, mostly out of laziness.  I dreaded using a liner in every diaper.  Additionally, Elaine is learning words and she frequently asks for “keem” at every diaper change (rash or not).  So I got in the habit of just smearing some coconut oil on her (and Nolan) at every change.  She’s happy, it’s easy, and my babies’ skin is protected.

Because coconut oil is all natural is easily rinses out of your diapers.  I never use a liner with the coconut oil, and I have not had any buildup or staining problems.

I purchased a large jar of organic coconut oil at my health food store for around $8.  We have not even made a dent in using it up!  It comes as a solid, but it liquefies quickly when exposed to heat (like the body heat in your fingers).  So I just rub my fingers in the jar and soon the solid oil is soft enough to spread easily in the diaper area.  As an added bonus, everything smells wonderful!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Washing at the Laundry Mat

Mailbox Mondays button

Today’s question comes from Sarah Jane.  She writes:

“What type of diaper would you recommend to someone who has to pay every time they do laundry?”

Until recently, I never had to wash my diapers at the laundry mat.  However, our landlord has decided to restrict the amount of loads I can do per week, so that has sent us to the laundry mat with most of our laundry. 

I already have my diaper stash established, and I am able to do some loads at home.  But the few times I have trekked to the laundry mat with my diapers in tow has caused me to consider whether or not I would use cloth diapers if I had to pay to wash them.  I came to the conclusion that I would still use cloth diapers, and that using cloth would still save me money, even if I was paying to wash them.  But I also realized that I would chose a different type of diaper stash if I had to pay to wash my diapers.

I would definitely choose a hybrid/all-in-two system.  This would allow me to invest most of my money in inserts, without paying for a pocket/cover for each insert.  With an AI2 system, you can reuse the cover multiple times and replace only the inserts at each diaper change (unless the cover becomes soiled).

Technically, a prefold and cover is also an AI2 system, but the prefolds are bulkier to store until wash day.  Prefolds are a really “safe” bet for the laundry mat because cotton is really easy to care for.  You don’t have to be as concerned about contracting build-up from someone else’s detergent left over in the machine.  Cotton prefolds are also inexpensive to purchase, so you can add a lot to your stash for a small investment.  So if one is ruined or left behind at the laundry mat, no worries!

Using an AI2 system would cut down on the amount of dirty diapers that had to be stored in between washing (as your pail would contain mostly inserts, and not multiple pockets/covers).  It would also mean fewer diapers that had to be washed, and therefore you might be able to select a smaller and less expensive washer at the laundry mat. 

And if you could invest enough money to purchase a larger stash of FpSnapCoverSDInsert400x400inserts, you could probably get away with doing laundry every 3-4 days, rather than every 2-3 days.  (Provided that you have room to store that many dirty inserts, of course).  Therefore you would also be saving money on your washing by doing fewer loads each week.

There are many types of AI2/hybrid cloth diaper systems on the market.  Some of the more popular ones include Flip, GroVia, AppleCheeks, and Best Bottoms.  While I have tested several hybrids, they do not make up the majority of my stash.  I’m sure I have left some off of my list!

Are you a fan of AI2/hybrid cloth diapers?  Be sure to leave a comment and tell Sarah what brands you prefer.  Do you wash your diapers at the laundry mat?  What type have you found to be the best for that situation?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Elaine Shares with Nolan



Elaine shares her toy dishes with Nolan

{editor’s note: These toy dishes were Elaine’s birthday present from my parents.  She shared them with Nolan as you can see in the picture.  He would move his feet, the dishes would fall off, and Elaine would utter an “Ohhh, nooo!”  Then she set to work putting them back on top of Nolan.  This repeated itself several times!}

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elaine’s Birthday Giveaway Winners

The winners of the FuzziBunz Elite giveaway for Elaine’s birthday are…

images - Copy

Kendra V.

Congrats!  Just email within 48 hours to claim your prize!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

She’s Two!!!

On this day in 2009, around midnight, I finally got to hold my child for the first time.  We called her Elaine, and she was adorable.

Birth of Elaine Cristin Hamilton

Now, two years later, she is just as adorable, full of energy, and so much more fun! 
Yes – my sweet Elaine is now 2!

Elaine 2 year 4

Elaine 2 year portraits

Elaine 2 year portraits

Elaine 2 year portraits

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and “Noey”

Elaine’s present to you:
Use code “Elaine” to save $5 off your order of $35 or more, and “Birthday” to save $10 off your order of $60 or more.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Elaine is turning 2 tomorrow.  In honor of her birthday, we are giving away two FuzziBunz Elite cloth diapers!  This is a flash giveaway, so don't delay!

Just a reminder about microfiber

I was adding the Rumparooz bamboo inserts to our website this week, and it brought to mind this fact about microfiber.  I thought I would throw it as there as a reminder! 

Microfiber inserts are to be used in a pocket diaper.  Microfiber inserts are not to be used as a lay-in soaker for a cover. Microfiber is highly absorbent and will dry the skin raw if used in direct contact.

I knew not to place microfiber on my baby’s skin, but I didn’t know the reasons why.  While natural fibers such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo may be used directly against your baby’s skin, you should NEVER use microfiber if it will come in direct contact with your baby. 

Have a fluffy weekend.  We will be busy celebrating Elaine’s 2nd birthday.  Where does the time go?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays button_thumb[3]

Today’s question is from JoAnna Kane.  She says,

“What is the best way to find a diaper that works for your baby? My daughter is 2 months old and goes to daycare. I spent a lot of money on one brand of all and 2 diapers for her to use at daycare only to have them leak really badly. The daycare would really prefer not to use prefolds like I use at home. I want to get either AI1, AI2 or pocket diapers that would be easier but she needs 10 diapers to get through the day at daycare and I don't want to spend a bunch more money on diapers that I can't use because they leak. SO how can I know what diaper would work for her without spending a fortune?”

JoAnna – I’m sorry that you’ve had such a frustrating experience with your cloth diapers!  I wish I could give you an easy answer to this question.  However, there is going to be some trial and error involved in finding the right diaper.

For most babies, one size diapers can be adjusted to a fitting that is just right.  For some babies, though, it’s a harder process.  Sometimes a particular brand just doesn’t fit your kiddo quite right.  Maybe it’s the cut (the trimmness/bulkiness), the type of insert (microfiber, hemp, etc.), the placement of the closure (side/front), whether or not there are gussets at the legs or elastic at the tummy, etc. that makes it a poor fit for your baby.

I am having a frustrating time with my almost-two-year-old daughter and her diapers right now.  She has always worn FuzziBunz diapers, but all of the sudden we are having regular (but occasional) leaks.  It’s like once a day or every other day, but sometimes it is several times in one day!  It’s a different diaper every time, but not every diaper all of the time.  Some are brand new, some are old.  It’s not build-up.  They just aren’t fitting quite right at this time.

My suggestion would be to read a lot of reviews at Diaper Pin.  You can also check out the Cloth Diaper Finder from Dirty Diaper Laundry.  Find diapers that other parents said fit a baby who is similar in build to your own baby (skinny, chunky, heavy wetter, back/tummy/side sleeper, etc.).  Buy one diaper from each of a few different brands and take them “for a spin” so to speak.  When you find one that you like and that seems to work well for your babe, then invest in a sufficient stash for day care.

You could also try to purchase some gently used diapers to test out before investing a lot of money.  Sites like Diaper Swappers allow you to buy, sell, or trade with other cloth diapering parents.  This will cut down on your up-front investment while you try to find the right diaper.  This would also be a great place to “unload” you AI2 diaper stash and recoup some of your money.  Since they didn’t work for you baby (i.e. there is no major defect in the diaper itself), they can probably be listed as excellent condition and reap a good return on your money.

I hope that helps, and that you are able to settle on a new style/brand of diaper quickly! 

Do you have any suggestions to add?  Please, please, please help JoAnna out and leave a comment!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gently Used Items

We have added a few gently used items for sale on the website.  Be sure to head over and check them out…you may end up with a bargain!  Buying used diapers is a great way to save money on your cloth investment.  Many times a diaper just doesn’t fit one baby well, but still has lots of wear left in it for another baby.

Just click the image below to check out the selection:

Gently used Button

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Folding Diapers

Okay…maybe not quite wordless!  Elaine loves to do whatever I am doing, so lately she has been wanting to get involved in the diaper folding.  She can’t stuff the pockets yet, though she gives it a good try!  She usually just folds them in half and makes a stack…

…and sometimes she plays around too!  That is her new AppleCheeks envelope diaper.  If you say, “Elaine, where are your apple cheeks?” she will respond by patting her bum!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marketplace at A Child Grows

clip_image001There is a fabulous blog and information space for Brooklyn parents called A Child Grows.  Karen Connell and her team of writers touch on the subjects of pregnancy, baby, toddler, preschool, and kids.  They write about local events and great deals for Brooklyn residents.  They spotlight local businesses and innovative ideas.

Recently a new feature opened at A Child Grows – the Marketplace.  It is your source for information and reviews on Brooklyn businesses that will benefit you as a parent.  Do you need a sitter in a pinch?  Looking for a great toy store?  Want a photographer to take your newborn pictures?  Find them at Marketplace!  Not only is it a local business listing, but there are reviews from other readers and parents to help you make the best choice.

Doable Diapers Button ThumbnailDoable Diapers is in on the ground floor of this business listing Marketplace.  We think that we provide great customer service and super fast free shipping.  We do diaper demonstrations for local parents by appointment.  We share tons of information on this blog. 

Would you be willing to hop on over to our listing in the Marketplace and share your Doable Diapers experience with other parents?  We would greatly appreciate it!  (You will have to sign in to be able to leave a review).

While Marketplace is specialized mostly to Brooklyn and New York City parents, the wealth of information to be found at A Child Grows can benefit any parent.  Stop by today!  You can also find them on Facebook.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Flushable Inserts

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Today’s question comes from Julie G.:

“My flushable diaper liners tend to bunch up in the diaper and then they don't really do what they are meant to do :( Do you have any suggestions on if there is a brand that is better than others or that doesn't bunch as much. Or any tips on how to get this to stop happening.”

Good question!  I avoided flushable liners for a long time simply because I didn’t want to pay for something that was disposable.  I still don’t use flushable liners on a regular basis, but I use them for outings and vacations to make clean up a breeze.  Though you can use flushable liners to protect your diapers when a rash cream is necessary, I still prefer to use stay-dry liners for that purpose.

I have experienced some bunching with my flushable liners.  It comes from having an active baby or toddler that moves and wiggles constantly!  However, I have not found that the little bunching prevents the liners from serving it’s purpose.  It still catches most of the “yuckies”, and the minimal amount left behind can be easily rinsed or just tossed in the wet bag/diaper pail.

I have only used one brand of flushable liners: those made by OsoCozy and sold by Doable Diapers.

Here’s how I usually use my liners: 

  1. Fold the liner to be the same width as the diaper, and lay it on top of the diaper lining.
  2. Slide the liner and diaper under the baby’s bum.
  3. Pull just the liner up between baby’s legs and hold securely in place while you pull up the diaper.
  4. Fasten the diaper on the baby.

I have found that putting the liner in place separate from the diaper helps it to stay in place a little better. 

How about you?  Do you use flushable/disposable liners on a regular basis?  Do you experience bunching?  How have you solved it?  Leave a comment and let Julie know your tips for success!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday

Here are a couple of things that make me happy…

Elaine in Panties and pink shoes
(she would wear shoes 24/7 if I would let her…)

Nolan 3 months colage
(hard to believe he is almost four months old…already???)

A basket full of clean diapers…including a brand-new Rumparooz Gumball for our stash!  I must admit – I would rather do dishes than laundry, but I love folding my cloth diapers!  I always take my time on that “chore.”

I hope your weekend is filled with everything that makes you happy, too!  To get you off to a good start, how about a coupon? 

Take $5 off your order of $35 or more with code Elaine, and $10 off your order of $60 or more with code Nolan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Win-It Wednesday: FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper

Win one of the NEW FuzziBunz Elite One Size diapers!  Enter here using Rafflecopter.  It’s easy!

FuzziBunz Elite

It’s here!  The all-new, improved, FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper.  I know what you’re thinking…I thought it too!  “FuzziBunz is already a great diaper.  What is there to improve?  How can it get any better?”

Here’s what the new Elite boasts for features:

  • Now trimmer fitting, more comfortable, faster drying, and easier to adjust!
  • Quick Dry Fleece: Baby feels dryer longer and fleece stays nicer longer with less visible wear.

  • Easy-Replace Elastic Has Moved: The adjustable elastic's buttons are now found inside the pocket so there are no buttons next to baby’s skin.

  • New Minky Inserts: Each diaper comes with two Minky Inserts (small and medium/large) adding the following benefits:

    • Less odor than microfiber

    • Less staining

    • Trimmer fitting diaper with same amount of absorbency
  • Streamlined front panel and snap design provides better fit with less leaking

Doable Diapers now has the FuzziBunz Elite in stock and ready to ship.  It didn’t take me long to rip open the box and pick a color so we could give the new diaper a test drive!  Here’s a closer look at the new features of our Kumquat diaper:

The packaging and outer layer of the diaper look the same.

You can’t tell in the picture, but the minky inserts are super-soft, and definitely trimmer. 

Something is missing…no button-hole elastic and hide-away sleeves inside the diaper!

Found them!  Turn the diaper inside out to access the button-hole elastic and hide-away sleeve.  (Tummy panel or front of diaper).

(Waist and leg elastics found near the waist with diaper inside out).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The winner of the FuzziBunz One Size diaper from the Mailbox Mondays giveaway is:

images - Copy

Janelle Prentice!


Please email with your shipping address to claim your prize.  You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Sunning, Detergent, and Overnights

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Todays question comes from Christine Mitchell, actually it is three questions!

  • 1) Sunning diapers - sometimes doesn't work.  What am I doing wrong? I live in the midwest.  What should I do in the winter?
  • 2) What is the best detergent? Does it really make a difference? What about Charlies vs. CJ’s vs. Rockin' Green, etc.?
  • 3) What is the longest time I should leave a diaper on my baby’s bum? What about overnight?

Those are all excellent questions!

First, regarding sunning your diapers, you may have a stubborn stain that needs a little more help.  If it is an insert, you could soak it in some detergent and hot water for a couple of days and then add it to your wash cycle.  Bac-Out may also help you, but be sure to check your manufacturer’s warranty and instructions prior to using it.  Another reader recently recommended using a mixture of lemon juice and water.  Spray it on your inserts as they are sunning  and leave them out all day.  (I wrote about sunning here and here).

You can definitely sun your diapers in the winter.  Hang them out – even if it is freezing!  Your diapers may be frozen when you bring them in, and you may need to run  them in the dryer to soften them up, but the sun can still do it’s work!  I’ve even read about a mom in Seattle who “suns” her diapers when it is raining, and then brings them in and dries them!

Your second question is one of my favorite topics, but I am certainly not an expert!  The important thing to remember is that you do not want any additives in your detergent.  Avoid optical brighteners, bleach, fabric softeners, and excessive fragrance.  You want to have as clean rinsing of a detergent as possible, so that the micro-pores of synthetic fibers such as fleece and microfiber will not be clogged. 

However, I am a firm believer (perhaps going against the grain of mainstream cloth diapering “experts”) that enzymes are absolutely necessary in your detergent.  Enzymes are what help to pull the “junk” out of your diapers to leave them clean.  For this reason, and after studying the subject a lot, I recommend Tide detergent. 
*Read what Julie Ekstrom, creator of the Rumparooz diaper, has to say about detergent here.  Julie has done extensive testing and research on this subject, even using a third party to conduct the research.

Of course, as mentioned before, you do not want to void your warranty by going against manufacturer guidelines.  But Tide has spent incredible amounts of money on research and testing.  That is why their product works so well – they have put in the effort to develop a detergent that cleans with power and gets out all of the soil.

I have never used Charlies, but I have read that many, many people have encountered skin reactions with that particular detergent.  I have used Rockin’ Green exclusively for several months, but I felt that I was left with dingy, grey, not-so-clean diapers.  After the first wash with Tide I could not believe the difference in color – my diapers were actually white again!  Read more on that here.

Your third question has to do with how frequently to change your baby’s diaper.  It varies, to some extent, from baby to baby.  And even from baby to toddler, as your baby grows.  Newborns and small babies eat a liquid diet and eat often, therefore they need changed more often.  A toddler who drinks primarily at meals and snacks may only wet a few times each day.

My son is three months old, and he goes about every 2-3 hours between diaper changes.  My daughter is almost two, and she only uses about 4-6 diapers a day.  However, when my daughter “goes” she really goes.  I am amazed at how long she can hold it!  My son can soak a prefold diaper in about an hour and a half.

Try letting your baby go without a cover for a day or two, if you are around the house.  You will be able to tell as soon as they wet, and then you can establish the pattern for your child.  Does he wet frequently but not very much?  Is she a heavy wetter?  Does he only pee 2 or 3 times in the day?  As a general rule, you should change your baby every 3-4 hours. 

When it comes to overnight, find an absorbency combination that will hold your baby through the night without leaks.  It is fine to leave your child for 10-12 hours.  They don’t wet as much during the night.  He/she will probably have a soaking diaper in the morning, but if you are using a pocket diaper (or a stay-dry liner) he won’t feel the wet and won’t be uncomfortable. 

My son usually sleeps through the night.  However, if he does wake to eat, I don’t change him.  I use microfiber inserts right now, but soon I think he will need hemp inserts because they are more absorbent.  As he grows and changes I will change the overnight solution to meet his need.

I hope that helps!  Please chime in with your experience and advice so other moms, and Christine, can reap the benefit!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cloth Diaper Workshop

I am so excited to share this news with you…Doable Diapers is going to teach a Cloth Diaper workshop, hosted by Madison Rose Maternity!

This is a local event in Brooklyn, and we’re going to discuss the basics of cloth diapering.  New and expectant parents, or those interested in making the switch from disposable diapers, are invited to attend! 

We will define the basic “terms”, discuss different types of diapers, talk about the pros and cons of different fabrics, show how to store dirty diapers, and walk through a basic wash routine.

We would love to have you and/or your friends join us!

Saturday, November 5th
10:00-11:30 a.m.

Madison Rose Maternity
313 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Contact Jilian at Madison Rose to R.S.V.P. for this event!
(347) 689-3365

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Packing the Diaper Bag for Two Kiddos

Since I have two kids in diapers, my diaper bag is often quite full.  I am a firm believer in the “peace diaper” – that extra diaper that you throw in to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for any “what-ifs” that may arise.

We walk to many of our destinations here in Brooklyn, and often our outing are just a quick trip to the corner grocer, or a stop to mail out your diaper orders at the Post Office.  I am often tempted to leave my diaper bag behind.  After all, I am only going to be gone a minute!

I usually end up lugging the diaper bag anyway, and several times recently I have been so glad that I did!  Surprisingly, it was not my infant that had the surprise need for an unexpected diaper change.  It was my toddler. 

RobotronicsElaine has been very picky about having her diaper changed the minute after she soils it.  {For this reason we are gearing up to give potty training another go}.  This has led to more frequent diaper changes when out-and-about than Mommy is prepared for.

I have found it very helpful to pack Rumparooz diapers in my diaper bag.  The size setting is easy to change with a quick snap on the front.  Several times recently I have had to snatch one of Nolan’s diapers to use on Elaine.  I was so glad I had the Rumparooz with me, so that adjusting the diaper to fit Elaine was a breeze!  And more than once, Elaine has come home wearing “Robotronics” or “Ladder 6” under her pink dress!

Packing my Rumparooz has allowed me to have the “peace diaper” in case Elaine needs an unexpected change.  It also makes the change fast and easy, which is so important when you are away from home!  I can also say with confidence that when you are diapering more than one kiddo, one size diapers are the versatile, budget-friendly way to go!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monthly Report: Cloth Diapering at Three Months

Nolan turned three months old…10 days ago!  Where does the time go?  He is a drooly, noisy, smiling mess {in a good way}, and so different from the sleepy newborn that I brought home from the hospital!

On his three-month “birthday” we weighed Nolan at home and he measured 14 pounds 12 ounces.  His growth has slowed down a little, but many of his 3-6 month outfits are already quite snug!

Nolan is 3 months old!Nolan and Elaine on Nolan’s 3-month birthday.  Elaine insisted that Nolan wear his shoes!

Nolan recently sized up in both his Rumparooz and his FuzziBunz One Size diapers.  I can hardly believe that he wears the same size diaper as my almost-two-year old daughter.  But then again, there is a mere 8 pound difference between them!

Nolan in Rumparooz 3 Months

For night time Nolan still wears a Rumparooz diaper with a microfiber insert, but he uses both parts of the 6R soaker.  He sleeps around 8 hours {usually}.  If he does wake up to nurse in the early morning, I don’t change his diaper.  He is almost always in his overnight diaper for 8-10 hours, and we have not had any leaks.

Nolan wears some Perfect Size FuzziBunz (small size) that I had from Elaine.  I do think that they give a little bit better fit than the One Size diapers.  I think this is mostly because the elastic isn’t cinched so tight.  That said, if his runny EBF poo is going to leak, it finds a gap easier in the Perfect Fit than in the One Size.

I really need to test the bumGenius one size diapers on Nolan.  I just realized that he hasn’t worn one yet, though I’m sure they fit now.  I tried them at newborn and one month, and didn’t get a good fit around the legs.  I only own three bumGenius diapers, and I have been keeping them in Elaine’s stash.  The Flip One Size diaper cover fits Nolan well, though I am finding I prefer the double gussets of the Rumparooz One Size diaper cover.

I am supplementing my stash with some prefolds her and there so that I only wash every other day.  It was getting to be too much laundry!

Elaine holding NolanI would like to include a note about the fit of One Size diapers on Elaine.  I really like the FuzziBunz diapers on her right now because I feel that I can get a more exact fit.  She seems to be between the medium and large rise settings on the Rumparooz, and I have been struggling with quite a few leaks.  With the FuzziBunz the leg elastic can be adjusted very minimally to allow a little extra room without a gap.  The hip and waist snaps also help to get a more exact fit.  Elaine is a skinny little girl, but I am happy to report that she finally made it over 22 pounds!

Do you have a particularly large or small baby?  I have one of each.  I would love to know what diapers you have found to work the best!  Leave me a comment…

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