Obsession Confession

Would you like to be featured on Doable Diapers?  We love to show off the cloth diaper obsession of others!  Just copy the questions below into an email.  Send your answers, along with any pictures you want to share, to info@doablediapers.com

Obsession Confession is a regular, but random feature here at Doable Diapers.  We will link back to your blog if you send us the address.  This is a great way to get some more exposure in the blogosphere, and also to find other blogs written by cloth diapering moms!

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Obsession Confession Survey:

1. Name?

2. Children (number, names, ages)?

3. Occupation:

4. Where do you live?

5. Is your hubby on board with using cloth diapers?

6. When did you start cloth diapering?

7. What was your main reason for switching to cloth diapers?

8. Tell the short story of how you started using cloth diapers.

9. What is your favorite brand and style of diapers?

10. How many diapers are in your stash?

11. Share a blooper or “newbie” story from your cloth diapering experiences.

12. Do you have a tip to share with others?

13. Is there anything you wish you had known when you started using cloth diapers?

14. What is the greatest issue or problem you’ve had with cloth diapers, and how did you resolve it?

15. Regarding cloth diapers, is there anything you would like to know?

16. What are your other hobbies, interests, and obsessions?

17. What are your favorite blogs and websites?

18. Tell us a little about your personality?

Attach any pictures that you would like to share!

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