Friday, October 22, 2010

Obsession Confessions: Andrea from Doable Diapers

Here is my Obsession Confession!

Name: Andrea  Apple Picking

Children: one daughter, Elaine, almost a year old!

Occupation:  I am a stay-at-home mommy, homemaker, and the proud owner of a new online cloth diaper retail store, Doable Diapers.  I also sell Mary Kay cosmetics.

Where do you live?  I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I am new to city life, having grown up in Colorado.  I love New York City, but I miss the mountains!

Is your hubby on board with using cloth diapers?  Definitely!  He loves anything that saves money!

When did you start cloth diapering?  I started using cloth diapers as soon as my daughter’s stump fell off.  She was about 3 weeks old I think.

What was your main reason for switching to cloth diapers?  I wanted to save money.  Now I am addicted!

Share the short story of how you started using cloth diapers.  When I was pregnant I told my hubby I wanted to use cloth.  I don’t remember what had caught my interest.  He pointed out that there was a cloth diaper retail store in our area.  I went in one day and I was introduced to the modern cloth diaper.  Explaining FuzziBunz to my Grandma was interesting.  She couldn’t understand why one cloth diaper costs $15!  Now everyone thinks it’s pretty cool!

What is your favorite brand and style of diapers?  My likes and tastes are always changing.  FuzziBunz will always be at the top of my list.  They were my first diapers, and they make up the majority of my stash.  I still enjoy prefolds with a Flip cover, and also Rumparooz. 

How many diapers are in your stash?  I have 11 FuzziBunz, 5 Rumparooz, about 9 other pockets, 2 fitted diapers, and about 20 prefolds in Elaine’s current size.  For covers I have four Flips, and one Thirsties. 

Share a “blooper” or “newbie” story from your cloth diapering experiences.  When spraying out a dirty diaper, I neglected to pay attention to which direction the sprayer was pointing.  I got a face full of cold toilet water!

Bethel Church PicnicDo you have a tip to share with others?  I like to store my wipe solution in an old water bottle with a squirty top.  It makes wetting my wipes super easy.

When you started using cloth diapers, you wish you had known                  ?  I didn’t realize that I might have to strip my diapers some day, and how much work that really is!

What is the greatest issue or problem you’ve had with cloth diapers, and how did you resolve it?  I started having leaks and stink issues.  I ended up stripping my diapers with every method I could find.  I blogged about it here.  Now I rotate Tide and Rockin’ Green for my detergents, and my diapers are nice and fresh.  I also struggled with explaining cloth diapers to the nursery workers.  I couldn’t remember who I had spoken with or not.  I finally made a tag with simple instructions, laminated it, and attached it to the diaper bag.  Now I just say, “diaper instructions are on the bag tag.”  It works great!

What are your other hobbies, interests, and obsessions?  I am very involved in our local church.  I teach Sunday School and play the piano.  I enjoy studying God’s Word, blogging, scrapbooking, and baking.  I also love couponing and bargain hunting, though it is harder here in NYC.  My favorite season is winter and I like anything with snow – especially skiing.  And of course, I’m obsessed with cloth diapers!

What are your favorite blogs and websites?  I read Money Saving Mom, Cloth Diaper Blog, and a variety of other “mommy blogs” every day.  I like finding bargains on Amazon, and I find inspiration and encouragement at Revive Our Hearts.

Describe your personality.  I am an organized person who likes everything to have a place.  I work and walk at a fast pace (too many years working at McDonalds!). I am an aggressive driver, and I struggle to have patience.  I am sometimes crafty and creative. I strive to submit to the Lord and my husband and obey God’s Word.

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