Monday, October 4, 2010

Rumparooz G2 One Size Diaper Review

guest post by Jessica Holm

Recently, we were able to avail ourselves of the opportunity to test a snap version, Rumparooz brand diaper.  This was the first occasion we had experience diapering with a pocket diaper style, and Rumparooz sold us on their product.  We were immediately impressed with the diaper for its wonderful softness and moisture wicking abilities.  img_7086


After placing the diaper on our daughter for the first time, we felt at ease that she was crawling around in a truly comfortable fitting diaper.  Our daughter is 10 ½ months of age, about 28 ½ inches in length, and weighs about 17 lbs.  She has a very long waist that, at times, may be difficult to fit properly, but the Rumparooz accommodates for her length as well as her slimness in waist and legs quite nicely. 


The versatility in the microfiber soaker, or 6R soaker, is a definite plus.  In addition, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the cover dried on the line.  The soakers also dried easily on one reasonable timed dryer setting.  Rumparooz is unquestionably a GREAT product that is worth the investment. 


As a seamstress, I recognize the quality job in the stitching from the double stitching along their signature inner gusset, to the attention to detail in elasticizing the end of the diaper to help it secure the soaker pad inside and to prevent the material from having to be tucked in at each diaper change.  There is no doubt that Rumparooz placed much thought into the design and functionality of their product.  Below are some qualities that we felt would be helpful for others  during my experience in using the diaper.  img_7091

Less Desirable Features:

  • The snaps – I believe it would be beneficial if Rumparooz would add an extra row on the tabs for the initial positioning on baby.  It would also be nice if the snaps were a bit stronger in their hold. 
  • Transferring of pee onto PUL material – the diaper did work well at night although I did notice that during an average of an 8-9 hour night, the pee pee would transfer onto the  PUL material on the front cover each time.  It didn’t seem to penetrate her clothes, but mostly remained on the cover. Our daughter is a heavy wetter.  So this must be taken in consideration.
  • Fibers are not organic or all natural – this is what I prefer, but the downside is that you lose the great moisture wicking abilities.
  • It is not grandparent/babysitter friendly – The awkward snaps make it a bit difficult for an inexperienced cloth diaperer

Most Attractive Features:

  • Wonderfully soft
  • Great wicking of moisture away from baby’s skin- no dampness on skin after all night and after naps
  • 3 snap row settings – Has an extra row in comparison to other brand named diapers, this accommodates smaller sized babies
  • Soaker pad – versatility in positioning it for girls, boys, newborn, heavy wetters, etc.
  • Rumparooz comes in a snap version- much more difficult for baby to take off
  • It contains wetness well at night and nap time
  • The inner gusset – great in containing messes
  • Great fit - It hugged her bottom quite slimly considering the bulk of the two soakers put together.
  • Line dries fast – soakers dry quickly in the dryer as well
  • No red marks upon taking the diaper off
  • Love it’s “cute factor”
  • Affordable – when examining the alternatives

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