Saturday, October 30, 2010

Real Diaper Association Photo Contest

The Real Diaper Association is having their 2nd annual photo contest.  The best 12 photos will be used in their Cloth Diaper Calendar!  Want to know more?

“Do you have a great, enticing, creative and well-shot photograph of your baby in a 100% reusable cloth diaper? The Real Diaper Association is putting together our Second Annual Cloth Diaper Calendar and we’re holding a contest to select the best 12 photographs to include! The best of those 12 will go on the cover and win a fantastic prize.”

The Prize
In addition to having your picture chosen for the calendar, you could be a grand prize winner!  RDA member is providing  the grand prize of your choice – either a Flip UltraHD 2nd Generation Video Camera, or a $150 gift certificate to There are also several runner up prizes from other RDA members and sponsors. 

How to Enter
Click here to view the official Contest RulesYou must enter by 11/3.  Active RDA members will be voting on the entries.  You can join the RDA by clicking here.

You can view all of the entered photos here.

I entered this photo of Elaine.  She was six months old, sporting her Amethyst Rumparooz!

Elaine 24 Weeks Toilet Paper Pictures

Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking for Overnight Help?

Are you looking for a good solution for overnight cloth diapering?  Does your baby wake up wet?  I have come to grips with the fact that Elaine is a heavy wetter, at least at night. 

For the longest time we used Rumparooz diapers and added the newborn soaker/doubler to the main insert at night.  Then Elaine started wetting through it. 

After trying several different diapers and combinations, we finally arrived at using a Rumparooz with two newborn soakers in addition to the main insert.  While it kept my baby dry, it was very bulky.  Sometimes it looked like Elaine couldn’t even put her legs together!

6r_soakerEnter the Rumparooz Hemp 6R Soaker.  I love this insert!  Hemp is thin and trim, but yet very absorbent.  We decided to try this for our overnight solution.  We use both the main insert, and the newborn insert for nighttime.  Elaine is starting to sleep longer at night – 12 hours or more in one shot.  She wakes up dry with her Rumparooz hemp insert!

You can use this insert in any pocket diaper, and you could probably lay it inside of a cover with a stay-dry liner on top.  Give the Rumparooz hemp 6R soaker a try for your overnight solution!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Have Hard Water?

I don’t know very much about hard water.  I do know that it can cause Hard Rockmajor issues for cloth diapers.  There is a great article about hard water here.  If you have hard water, it could cause stink issues with you cloth diapers.  You will probably need to strip them routinely.  The article includes a great map of the United States, showing the hard water levels.

If you do have hard water, then Rockin’ Green’s Hard Rock formula detergent may be just what you need!  Check out the details here!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Links

Here are some links to some good articles you may be interested in!

:: Does your family like to camp and enjoy the great outdoors?  My hubby loves camping, but we haven’t attempted it with the baby.  Here is a great article at the Knickernappies blog about camping with cloth diapers.

::  Congratulations to Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry on the birth of her son Everett.  Kim will be reviewing different newborn diapers in the days to come.  I’m very excited about this, as we did not use newborn cloth diapers with Elaine.  I want to know which ones are best to use with the next baby.

::  Here’s a good idea for storage to keep all of those cloth diapers organized!

::  Ever wondered about using Bac-Out?  It’s supposed to safe for cloth diapers.  Read one mom’s testimony here.

Have a great, happy, cloth diapering weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Obsession Confessions: Andrea from Doable Diapers

Here is my Obsession Confession!

Name: Andrea  Apple Picking

Children: one daughter, Elaine, almost a year old!

Occupation:  I am a stay-at-home mommy, homemaker, and the proud owner of a new online cloth diaper retail store, Doable Diapers.  I also sell Mary Kay cosmetics.

Where do you live?  I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I am new to city life, having grown up in Colorado.  I love New York City, but I miss the mountains!

Is your hubby on board with using cloth diapers?  Definitely!  He loves anything that saves money!

When did you start cloth diapering?  I started using cloth diapers as soon as my daughter’s stump fell off.  She was about 3 weeks old I think.

What was your main reason for switching to cloth diapers?  I wanted to save money.  Now I am addicted!

Share the short story of how you started using cloth diapers.  When I was pregnant I told my hubby I wanted to use cloth.  I don’t remember what had caught my interest.  He pointed out that there was a cloth diaper retail store in our area.  I went in one day and I was introduced to the modern cloth diaper.  Explaining FuzziBunz to my Grandma was interesting.  She couldn’t understand why one cloth diaper costs $15!  Now everyone thinks it’s pretty cool!

What is your favorite brand and style of diapers?  My likes and tastes are always changing.  FuzziBunz will always be at the top of my list.  They were my first diapers, and they make up the majority of my stash.  I still enjoy prefolds with a Flip cover, and also Rumparooz. 

How many diapers are in your stash?  I have 11 FuzziBunz, 5 Rumparooz, about 9 other pockets, 2 fitted diapers, and about 20 prefolds in Elaine’s current size.  For covers I have four Flips, and one Thirsties. 

Share a “blooper” or “newbie” story from your cloth diapering experiences.  When spraying out a dirty diaper, I neglected to pay attention to which direction the sprayer was pointing.  I got a face full of cold toilet water!

Bethel Church PicnicDo you have a tip to share with others?  I like to store my wipe solution in an old water bottle with a squirty top.  It makes wetting my wipes super easy.

When you started using cloth diapers, you wish you had known                  ?  I didn’t realize that I might have to strip my diapers some day, and how much work that really is!

What is the greatest issue or problem you’ve had with cloth diapers, and how did you resolve it?  I started having leaks and stink issues.  I ended up stripping my diapers with every method I could find.  I blogged about it here.  Now I rotate Tide and Rockin’ Green for my detergents, and my diapers are nice and fresh.  I also struggled with explaining cloth diapers to the nursery workers.  I couldn’t remember who I had spoken with or not.  I finally made a tag with simple instructions, laminated it, and attached it to the diaper bag.  Now I just say, “diaper instructions are on the bag tag.”  It works great!

What are your other hobbies, interests, and obsessions?  I am very involved in our local church.  I teach Sunday School and play the piano.  I enjoy studying God’s Word, blogging, scrapbooking, and baking.  I also love couponing and bargain hunting, though it is harder here in NYC.  My favorite season is winter and I like anything with snow – especially skiing.  And of course, I’m obsessed with cloth diapers!

What are your favorite blogs and websites?  I read Money Saving Mom, Cloth Diaper Blog, and a variety of other “mommy blogs” every day.  I like finding bargains on Amazon, and I find inspiration and encouragement at Revive Our Hearts.

Describe your personality.  I am an organized person who likes everything to have a place.  I work and walk at a fast pace (too many years working at McDonalds!). I am an aggressive driver, and I struggle to have patience.  I am sometimes crafty and creative. I strive to submit to the Lord and my husband and obey God’s Word.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obsession Confessions

I would love to start a new regular, but random feature here on Doable Diapers.  It’s called Obsession Confessions.  I am going to feature a different cloth diapering mom each time.  This is your chance for the spotlight!  If you want to participate, please email me at and I will send you a survey.  Return the completed survey and you could be featured!

This is a good way to “meet” other cloth diapering moms, learn their “secrets” and tips in cloth diapering, and find out some of their favorites.  You might even get a laugh at some of their cloth diapering “bloopers” or newbie moments!  We would love to include pictures of each mom & her baby, but we respect your privacy if you prefer to keep pictures of your little ones off the internet. 

Who will be first?  I’ll post my answers tomorrow so you can find out a little more about me, and see how Obsession Confessions will work!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Start your Christmas list now!


fbnewdiapers-400I don’t know about you, but I can always use more cloth diapers!  When I was pregnant I only wanted to get cloth diapers for my baby shower. 

I started picking up most of the big items on sales and Craigslist.  We opted out of the Pack N Play, the baby bath, the play mats and big toys.  I bought my changing table used, my husband built the crib, and I found a like-new swing at a bargain price.  When people asked what I wanted for baby gifts, I told them “cloth diapers!”  I set up a gift registry at my local cloth diaper shop and built my stash.  I received exactly the brand and colors of diapers and accessories that I wanted.

Did you know that we have a gift registry at Doable Diapers?  You could set up a registry before your baby is born, to celebrate a birthday (maybe you need the next size of diaper?), or for Christmas.  Are there some accessories that you want…like a diaper sprayer?  Maybe a new diaper that you want to try…but you can’t squeeze it out of the budget?  Set up a registry and start your Christmas list now!  Friends and family can purchase exactly what you want!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don’t forget…there’s still time!



The factory overstock sale on FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers (small and medium sizes only, white excluded) is still running through the end of the month.  Use code FBSHIP to get free shipping on your order!  At $14.95 each, this is a great time to add to your stash with a great diaper!  The Perfect Size diapers are my personal favorite!  And the kumquat diaper is the perfect shade for autumn!

Monday, October 18, 2010

**CLOSED*** Fun for Freebies


Elaine 10 months playing piano with Daddy

Let’s have some fun!  The first person who can guess the favorite brand/style and color/print of my husband’s FAVORITE cloth diaper in our stash gets a $5 gift certificate to Doable Diapers.  Have fun, there is no limit to the number of entries, and please leave your email address in at least one of the comments. 

The Winner is Kendra.  Ben’s favorite diaper in our stash is the Rumparooz in Gumball, and we only use snaps!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Leave Some Feedback!


knd-blog-button-125x125The Knickernappies Blog has a great post on the importance of leaving feedback.  Read the full article here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Folding the Super Doopsy insert - vlog


This is a short video I made to demonstrate how to fold the Super Doopsy insert.  This is my first vlog so please be understanding!

Demonstration of the Super Doopsy Insert

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Doable Details: Doopsy SD Diaper Review


I was very excited to be among the first retailers to carry the new Doopsy Diapers.  A fan alerted me to this product, and I was intrigued by several unique characteristics.  I took one from our initial order to test out on my daughter.  It took a little while to form my opinion about this diaper.  Read on for the doable details!

Product Description
doopsy-happy-red-smDoopsy Diapers come in three versions.  All of the diapers are a one-size pocket diaper with snaps down the front of the diaper to adjust the rise.  Doopsy Diapers fit babies from 10-35 pounds.  There are five primary colors to choose from: Sunny Yellow, Eco Green, Happy Red, Smiley Blue, and Giggley Orange.

The Doopsy “R” comes with the pocket and two microfiber inserts, each with 4 layers.  The Doopsy "D" comes with one four-layer microfiber insert, and one Doopsy PUL insert.  Each PUL Doopsy insert is expandable, and has four thirsty layers ofKONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERA_0002 Bamboo Double Loop Terry on one side, and a layer of PUL on the other side.  The Doopsy "SD" comes with one four-layer microfiber insert, and one SUPER Doopsy insert.  The Super Doopsy insert comes not only with the Doopsy PUL insert, but also a Bamboo/Hemp extra absorbency pad which can be stuffed into the insert.

The Doopsy Diapers provide a great bang for your buck.  The R is $15.95, the D is $16.95, and the SD is $17.95.  For a one size diaper with snap closures and two inserts, these are great prices.

The unique feature of the Doopsy is the Doopsy insert, and the Super
Doopsy insert.  Not only are these inserts made of bamboo (a sustainable source, and a very thirsty fabric), but the back side of the insert has a layer of PUL.  This provides a double guard against leaks for naps, overnights, and heavy wetters.

The insert itself is like a giant sock.  You stuff one end inside the other end to create a pocket.  (Watch for a video demonstration tomorrow).


The Super Doopsy insert has an extra absorbency pad that is added inside of the insert.  When you fold the insert properly, a pocket is created between the layers of bamboo.  The extra absorbency pad is a hemp/bamboo blend.  Hemp is also a natural fiber, and very absorbent.  It does not soak up the liquid as quickly as bamboo or microfiber.  By added this booster pad between the bamboo layers, you get lots of extra absorbency while allowing the hemp time to soak up the pee.


Doopsy inserts are sold separately, so you can purchase them to use inside your own pocket or cover.

There are three snaps on each tab – two are horizontal on the waist, and one functions as a hip snap.  I like the added security of the extra snap.  FuzziBunz diapers have one waist snap and one hip snap, while bumGenius and Flip diapers have two vertical waist snaps.

After my trial run and some feedback from other users, I believe that the Doopsy KONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERADiapers run a little bit small.  My daughter is 11 months, and a skinny (but tall) 17 pounds.  On most of her diapers the waist snaps are on the next-to-smallest setting.  With the Doopsy I had to fasten the snaps about in the middle, or a medium setting. 

These diapers are very trim!  I especially appreciate this feature now that cooler weather is coming and I have to fit pants over Elaine’s diaper.  However, the crotch is cut more narrow than other one-size diapers that we own.  This makes it hard to stuff a doubler or extra insert into the pocket for overnights.


The pink diaper is a FuzziBunz one size, the green is a bumGenius 4.0, and the yellow is the Doopsy.  There is about 1/2” difference in the size between the FuzziBunz and the Doopsy. 

I found the absorbency of the microfiber inserts to be comparable to any other microfiber insert on the market.  We used microfiber during the day.

KONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERA_0001I love the bamboo and hemp insert, as well as the PUL layer to guard against leaks.  However, I am coming to grips with the fact that my daughter must be a heavy wetter, at least at night.  Right now she is peeing through just about every diaper in my stash.  She sleeps 9-10 hours, and wakes up once to nurse (we are trying to break that habit). 

I found that the Super Doopsy insert works very well for us, but only with an additional 2- or 3-layer microfiber insert.  That being said, I cannot stuff both the microfiber and the Super Doopsy insert into the Doopsy pocket – it is not big enough.

Doopsy Diapers are easy to care for.  Cold rinse, hot wash, additional rinse.  I don’t have a dryer, so I line-dry everything.  The hemp booster takes slightly longer to dry.

Ease of Use
I think that pocket diapers are second only to all-in-ones when it comes to ease of use.  They are the most customizable diapers, and they are fast drying.  The Doopsy insert is a little tricky to fold at first, but once you get the hang of it there is no problem.  It takes a couple extra moments to prepare, but we primarily use it at night, so it’s not a big deal.


Have you used the Doopsy diapers?  What are your thoughts & opinions?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking About Cloth Diapering? Read this! (But get a snack and get comfy...) part 2

guest post by Crystal Biehl

(you can read part 1 here)…

Cleaning is Easy!
Cleaning them is seriously not bad at all. You will want a cloth diaper pail liner--I recommend you buy 2 Bottombumpers pail liners.  They are awesome.  And when you change the diaper, you rinse it off, ball it up, throw it in the pail and on wash day, I just grab the pail liner (full of the diapers) and dump it into the washer and throw the liner in.  I don't have to touch the diapers.  I recommend 2 so you have one available while you wash the other.

The Scoop on Poop CrystalBiehlGuestBlog_0002
I mean, it's poop so it's gross, but ultimately, it's your kid.  You know what is in the poop! Mark made me a diaper sprayer--here's the
link on my blog to how to do it.

Washing Your Diapers
Washing them is easy--you just do a cold wash, then a hot wash with an extra rinse.  That's it.  And you use the cheapest detergent you can find--we used Purex for a long time.  I just started using actual cloth diaper detergent and it's awesome-- it was 10 bucks for the bag and it's lasted me 2 months so far because you only use 1 tablespoon of it per wash load (less for an HE washer).  SO I do recommend using cloth diaper detergent--it's just as cheap as Purex and works better since it's made for cloth diapers.  I like Lulu's In the Fluff.  Also, I line-dry it all--the sun takes out any stains and leaves everything bright white! If you don't have a line, a rack works too!

They do make flushable liners if the thought of spraying off diapers grosses you out. 

As far as sales go, there are sales off and on throughout the year--especially around holidays (labor day, memorial day, etc.).  You might see things called "Seconds" sales and that means that the diaper has a little defect but still works great--these are super cheap if you can find them.  I would just search the brand you want to buy + sale. Sometimes you get buy 5 get 1 free or 10% off.    It's just a matter of searching and seeing who has the best deal (package deals, free shipping, etc.).  Also, lots of places, like Doable Diapers, have rewards systems set up! So, spend and earn dollars to buy more diapers!

Other Info
Cloth Wipes--you are going to want to use cloth wipes--you'll save money and you can just throw them in with the diapers.  You do have to spray them off when you start solids, but it's not a big deal.  If you are crafty, you could make your own out of flannel.  I'm not crafty so I buy these ones:  Tree Huggin' Designs cloth wipes.

Wet Bag-- this is a bag you use when you are out and about.  You just put the dirty diaper in it and you don't have to worry about it.  I buy mine from Tree Huggin Designs but you can find all types of them--just search cloth diaper wet bag! Or you can make your own!! Or just use Ziploc bags!

You will probably want to buy at least 30 diapers--this will get you through 3 days (washing on the 3rd--with 1 kid).  I have around 40 and I can go 4 days in between washing!! It's awesome . Cloth diapers are an initial cost upfront but you will spend hundreds compared to the thousands you'd spend on disposables.

I know it's a lot of info--but don't be overwhelmed.  Just start simple and expand your stash.  

I will tell you that people who CrystalBiehlGuestBloghave not used cloth diapers will think you are crazy--but I think it's crazy to spend thousands of dollars on disposables that you throw away.  I love that only cotton touches Collin's butt. I know we were all raised in disposables, but it just feels good to put him in cloth, you know?  Also, everyone thinks cloth diapering is pins and plastic pants but it is not that anymore!

Cloth diapering really is easy!  If you are worried about daycare, just check the laws.  Often, it just says the diaper has to be in a sealed bag/container--in which case, a wet bag would work.  They also make cloth diapers that have throw away inserts--I've never used them but I've heard good things-- they are called hybrids--there are several brands to choose from.

My last bit of advice is seek out other cloth diapering mommas! There's a #clothdiapers chat every Monday night on Twitter.  There are TONS of Facebook pages and blogs devoted to cloth diapers! But be will become a fluff addict!

Hope this was helpful! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fluff!


Crystal Biehl Guest Blog_0001_thumb[4]Crystal is a SAHM to one handsome little man.  She lives with her hubby out in the country, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She started cloth diapering Collin at birth and has never regretted it! Besides her love of fluff, she enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, baking, and any activity outside! You can read more about Crystal at her blog, Biehl Adventures.


Please note: Doable Diapers recommends that you follow the manufacturer guidelines for care & washing of your diapers.  Please refer to our list here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinking About Cloth Diapering? Read this! (But get a snack and get comfy...) part 1

guest post by Crystal Biehl
Lately, I have been getting several emails from expecting mom friends wanting to know about cloth diapers.  They see the cute pictures of my little man in his fluff and want to know more! I've actually compiled a standard email I send out with all the things I've learned over the last 10 months! I thought it would be fun to share it as a blog post! So, read and let me know what tips you would share too!
I've won several different brands that I love--I recommend most of them.  Here  are my all time favorites-- bumGenius, Softbums, Babykicks, Pixie Poppits, Lollidoo overnight eco-pocket, IttyBittyBums. 
A little about each brand--all of these are One-Size fits all except Ittybittybums:  (I won some Rumparooz cloth diapers but haven't tried them yet--I've heard great things so I will let you know). 
One Size Diapers
BumGenius OS:  They make these in Velcro closures (also called Aplix) and also snaps.  Don't be afraid of snaps.  I was and I wish I hadn't been.  They are super easy to use.  Even the Hubs would agree.  The Velcro tends to look a little worn 9 months's still super sticky and works great, just doesn't look as good.  These come in a pocket style--that means you put the insert inside the diaper pocket. 
Softbums: These are cool because you adjust them with hidden drawstrings.  I won one of these and now I wish I had more of them.  These are called an All-in-2 because you just snap the insert into the diaper--no pocket to stuff an insert into.  Also, these adjust to fit a 5 lb. newborn! BumGenius OS fit starting around 10 pounds.  Honestly, Softbums are my number 1 favorite diaper.  Hands down.
Babykicks:  These are side-snapping diapers and I just really like the way they fit Collin.  A great fit on a chunky baby. I especially like the soft fleece leg gussets! Very gentle on the skin!
Lollidoo Overnight Eco-Pockets:  You are going to want probably 3 of these once your baby gets bigger and pees more at night.  These are amazing night time diapers.  Collin will wear it for 12 hours, have a big poop, and nothing leaks out.  They are really soft and just awesome.  But they cost 32 bucks a piece--I know, expensive, but worth it, I promise.  I actually have 4.
Pixie Poppits:  These come in Velcro and snaps.  They are made in Australia so they will tend to cost more.  But the fabric they are made out of is awesome.
Sized Diapers
IttyBittyBums:  A girl on Etsy makes these.  I love them and they are only 10 or 11 dollars a piece.  They come in Velcro and snaps.  These come in sizes though.    They are called All-in-2 because you just lay the insert in it.  No pocket stuffing.  I actually plan on buying lots of these for my next newborn...some day!
Save Money!
I DO recommend one-size fits all just because it will save you some money in the long run.  Plus, in the beginning, there were days where Collin would wear the diaper at one size and then I'd have to change it part way through the day. He was a growing boy! And, if you go with Softbums, they WILL fit your baby at birth.
Crystal Biehl Guest BlogCrystal is a SAHM to one handsome little man.  She lives with her hubby out in the country, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She started cloth diapering Collin at birth and has never regretted it! Besides her love of fluff, she enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, baking, and any activity outside! You can read more about Crystal at her blog, Biehl Adventures.
Come back tomorrow for part 2!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FuzziBunz: Perfect Size or One Size?


FB-perfectsize-crushedberries120We shared here about the FuzziBunz Factory Overstock sale on Perfect Size pocket diapers.  Some of you may be curious… “Why should I buy a sized diaper when I could buy a one size diaper and use it from birth to potty training?”

I started cloth diapering with some prefolds and six small sized FuzziBunz diapers.  I loved (and still love) my sized FuzziBunz!  The one size diapers were just debuting when I started my stash, and the reactions seemed to be mixed. My daughter just turned 11 months old, and she is still wearing the small size. 

I do have a couple of one size diapers added to my stash.  They new FuzziBunz one size diapers. are a big improvement over the first version!  But, I still like the fit of my Perfect Size diapers better.  Most children potty train from the medium, so if you elect to use Perfect Size FuzziBunz, you will likely only need to buy two sizes of diapers.

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider the Perfect Size FuzziBunzAnd…at only $14.95 per diaper, you will likely never see the price lower!

  • Easy to use and adjust - just snap on and off
  • Trimmer fitting than most one size diapers
  • Snug fit to control leaks
  • One step diapering system – no adjusting needed. This is one of my favorite features!  There are no snaps down the front to come undone when I am diapering, there is no elastic to tuck in.  They are indeed the perfect size, and need no adjustments!
  • Perfect Size can fit newborns straight from the hospital without added bulk.  I have not had the opportunity to try a one-size diaper on a new born.  But I do know that these diapers don’t have any excess bulk!
  • Can be used as a swim diaper
  • Fast and easy
  • Truer more custom fit.  Especially if you have a hard-to-fit baby, you will likely find that the one-size-fits-all feature of one-size diapers doesn’t hold true for every baby.  If one-size diapers are not fitting your baby well, consider the Perfect Size FuzziBunz!
  • May last for several years and several babies as you are not using as long as the one size.  Since you will use the smalls for a certain period, and then move up to mediums, your small diapers will be in better shape for the next child.  Using one-size diapers is a cost effective and budget friendly option, but due to constant washing, your diapers may not hold up for all of your children…it depends on how many you have!
  • Better for heavy wetter’s because there is more crotch room to stuff overnight inserts.

Let me clarify – these diapers are not being discontinued – the factory just needs more room to house the popular one size diapers.  These best sellers are on a factory sponsored special price of $3 off per diaper.  The savings couldn’t be better!

Check them out on our website!  The Perfect Size diapers come in the same great colors as the one-size diapers, and they have the FuzziBunz backing and quality that is the gold-standard in cloth diapering!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bumGenius Artist Series is released!

5ASdiapers355x160Welcome the bumGenius Artist Series diapers.  This first series by Chelsea Perry is called “Tiny Socialite”.  The response seems very mixed on the social network pages.  It seems that you either hate these, or love them.  I personally like them, but mostly the Eiffel Tower print.  I am diapering a girl, so I’m sure that’s why these appeal to me!

Here is the announcement of the new diapers, as well as answers to your questions:

I think that the colors need to be clarified.  To me, it appears that each one has white in it, except for the “Jet Setter” print.  That is not the case.  Here are the descriptions from the Cotton Babies blog:

BG4ASPerryConcreteJungle1_S400x400 Concrete Jungle is Red over Sweet (pale green)

Eiffel Tower is my favorite in the series – Black and White

Free Spirit is Clementine over Noodle (cream)

Jet Setter is Dark Purple and Blue/Twilight – this is the hardest one for me to see based on the picture!

Retail Therapy is Teal over Lavender

These diapers will ship from the manufacturer beginning November 16th.  They are available for preorder on our site.  You can purchase them individually at $19.95 each, or in a package containing one of each print (5 diapers) for $96.75.  Use code ARTISTSERIES to receive free shipping on these diapers.

One final note…I saw a lot of complaints about the price increase.  I just want to point out that almost every cloth diaper manufacturer adds a small amount to the price when moving from solids to prints.  $1-2 extra is about average from what I have seen.  I was surprised to see so many complaints on this topic.

Have a comment?  Like ‘em or hate ‘em?  Can’t wait to get them?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts and feedback!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rumparooz new prints are here!


Last Friday Rumparooz introduced two new prints to their G2 One Size Pocket Diaper line.  The first is Eco Owl, and the second is Robotronics.  We are looking forward to more great Rumparooz products this fall – 12 new items in total!

Eco Owl
The Eco Owl says “Whooooo Loves the Planet”

Robotronics is great for the little man in your life!

Order yours at Doable Diapers!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rumparooz G2 One Size Diaper Review

guest post by Jessica Holm

Recently, we were able to avail ourselves of the opportunity to test a snap version, Rumparooz brand diaper.  This was the first occasion we had experience diapering with a pocket diaper style, and Rumparooz sold us on their product.  We were immediately impressed with the diaper for its wonderful softness and moisture wicking abilities.  img_7086


After placing the diaper on our daughter for the first time, we felt at ease that she was crawling around in a truly comfortable fitting diaper.  Our daughter is 10 ½ months of age, about 28 ½ inches in length, and weighs about 17 lbs.  She has a very long waist that, at times, may be difficult to fit properly, but the Rumparooz accommodates for her length as well as her slimness in waist and legs quite nicely. 


The versatility in the microfiber soaker, or 6R soaker, is a definite plus.  In addition, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the cover dried on the line.  The soakers also dried easily on one reasonable timed dryer setting.  Rumparooz is unquestionably a GREAT product that is worth the investment. 


As a seamstress, I recognize the quality job in the stitching from the double stitching along their signature inner gusset, to the attention to detail in elasticizing the end of the diaper to help it secure the soaker pad inside and to prevent the material from having to be tucked in at each diaper change.  There is no doubt that Rumparooz placed much thought into the design and functionality of their product.  Below are some qualities that we felt would be helpful for others  during my experience in using the diaper.  img_7091

Less Desirable Features:

  • The snaps – I believe it would be beneficial if Rumparooz would add an extra row on the tabs for the initial positioning on baby.  It would also be nice if the snaps were a bit stronger in their hold. 
  • Transferring of pee onto PUL material – the diaper did work well at night although I did notice that during an average of an 8-9 hour night, the pee pee would transfer onto the  PUL material on the front cover each time.  It didn’t seem to penetrate her clothes, but mostly remained on the cover. Our daughter is a heavy wetter.  So this must be taken in consideration.
  • Fibers are not organic or all natural – this is what I prefer, but the downside is that you lose the great moisture wicking abilities.
  • It is not grandparent/babysitter friendly – The awkward snaps make it a bit difficult for an inexperienced cloth diaperer

Most Attractive Features:

  • Wonderfully soft
  • Great wicking of moisture away from baby’s skin- no dampness on skin after all night and after naps
  • 3 snap row settings – Has an extra row in comparison to other brand named diapers, this accommodates smaller sized babies
  • Soaker pad – versatility in positioning it for girls, boys, newborn, heavy wetters, etc.
  • Rumparooz comes in a snap version- much more difficult for baby to take off
  • It contains wetness well at night and nap time
  • The inner gusset – great in containing messes
  • Great fit - It hugged her bottom quite slimly considering the bulk of the two soakers put together.
  • Line dries fast – soakers dry quickly in the dryer as well
  • No red marks upon taking the diaper off
  • Love it’s “cute factor”
  • Affordable – when examining the alternatives

Friday, October 1, 2010

Doopsy SD Winner


doopsy-giggly-orange-sm During the month of September, all purchases were entered into a drawing for a free Doopsy SD pocket diaper.  For every dollar purchased you got one entry into the drawing.  Entries were made in the order that the purchases were made.

The winner is #21, which fell in the order from
Carrissa Stalcup!

Carrissa wins a Doopsy SD diaper in her choice of in-stock colors.  Please email with your address and color choice!  Winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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