Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bonus Bunz Promotion

May is almost upon us, and with it comes the Bonus Bunz promotion from FuzziBunz!


From May 1-31, One Size FuzziBunz Pocket Diapers are Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!

The Details:

There is no limit to the number of times you can redeem this special offer.  For every five diapers you purchase, you get one free.

The five diapers must be purchased in one transaction to be eligible to redeem the free diaper.  Just use code FBFREE at checkout, and then enter the desired color for your free diaper in the comments box at checkout.  We’ll take care of the rebate for you, so that you don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your free diaper!

Available to US customers only.

Please note that we will need to remove the UPC code from the diapers that you purchase in order to process the rebate with FuzziBunz.

This is a great way to increase your diaper stash and maximize your savings!  Manufacturer sponsored sales don’t come around very frequently, so take advantage of this one while you can!

18 Month Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of my Elaine at 18 months.  I took the pictures myself.  I am not a photographer, but I was pleased with the results!


And a fluffy picture…

Elaine 18 month portraits

(a Best Bottoms hybrid in the cow print)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must-Have Accessories

I like to keep things simple.  I don’t have all of the latest baby gear, just the basic essentials.  I have the same approach to cloth diapering.  I do like to try new brands and styles, but I usually end up coming back to the tried and true diapers that I started out with.  There are, however, a few accessories that have made my cloth diapering journey so much easier.  I would like to share with you my list of cloth diapering “must-have” accessories!

:: Diaper Sprayer ::
Kudos to those of you who do this diaper thing without a sprayer…I don’t understand, and I don’t want to experience it!  Hands down, this is the best investment we have made outside of our diapers.

:: Wet Bag ::
Invest in a good wet bag.  It will be invaluable to you for containing 3BagBrochure600odors and messes.  I have several sizes and brands in my stash.  I keep one hanging in the bathroom for the sprayed-off diapers.  (Our bathroom is down the hall from the nursery).  I keep one in the diaper bag.  I travel with one.  I am on my second set of Planet Wise wet bags – not because of poor quality, but because of frequency of use!

:: Octopus :: pressa-hanging-dryer-with--clothes-clips-assorted-colors__0106889_PE256270_S4
My “octopus” was given to me as a baby gift.  I had no intention of using it for cloth diapers, but now I would be lost without it!  This one was purchased at Ikea.  I think anything similar – a hanger with a lot of clips – would work.  I hang my pockets from it to dry (PUL lasts longer if you don’t put it in the dryer).  I hang baby socks from it.  I hang wipes from it.  I really should have 2 or 3, but I just have one!

:: Clothesline :: Clothesline diaper header
I really wanted a clothesline when I started cloth diapering, but I didn’t have one.  With some creativity you can still sun your diapers, even without a clothesline.  (See my post here for ideas).  However, if it is possible, a clothesline will be a great investment.  Your diapers will get the bleaching, antiseptic benefits of sunshine, and your wallet will feel relief from the electricity or gas bills that power your dryer!

:: Stay-Dry Liners :: washable_liners_front
While cloth diapered babies are less prone to diaper rash (or so it seems), every baby gets rashes.  My daughter gets them when she is teething.  If you are going to use a cream, whether promoted as cloth-safe, store bought, or prescription, you want to protect your diapers and your warranties by using stay-dry liners.  These are also priceless for using with prefolds and covers.  You can cloth diaper the economical way, and yet give your baby the feel and benefits of a pocket diaper.  (See more here).

:: Variety of Inserts :: 6r_soaker
There is a different diaper for every situation.  Your diapers become so much more versatile by changing up your inserts.  I use microfiber by day and hemp by night.  Different fibers boast different benefits and absorbencies.  Stock your stash with some variety and you will be set, no matter what the situation!  Read more about fiber options here.


What are your cloth diapering must-haves?  I try to keep things simple around here, but I’m sure there are some things that I have overlooked.  Leave me a comment and share your insight!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunning Out Stains

Many of you probably already know and practice the little tip I am going to share today.  But for those who are new to cloth diapering, researching, or searching for answers, I wanted to share it.

Clothesline diaper headerThe easiest and best way to get stains out of your diapers is to lay them in the sun when wet/damp.  The sun is a natural bleach, and it is harmless to your diapers.  Just place the interior, or stained side of your diapers facing the sunlight.  This is also an economical way to dry your diapers, as it saves money on the electricity required to run your dryer.

With spring comes April showers, but also lovely sunny days.  As I type, my diapers are dangling in the gentle breeze and turning brilliant white.  I am so glad for the sun – especially after a winter of drying my diapers indoors!


For those of you who do not have a clothesline, just get creative!  I used to clip my diapers onto hangers and hang them from my banister.  I have also placed a drying rack on the patio and placed my diapers “face” up in the sun. 

In addition to it’s bleaching properties, sunshine ultraviolet rays are a natural antiseptic.  It can help eliminate the bacteria that may be giving your diapers a case of the stinkies!

I have read that you can even “sun” your diapers if it is raining outside.  I haven’t personally tried this, but those of you who live in damp climates might need to give it a shot!

So get out in this beautiful spring weather.  Take your baby to the park.  Play in the sunshine.  And let your diapers join in the fun too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Giveaway

6r_soakerIn celebration of Earth Day, we are giving away an insert sampler package!  One Doable Diapers reader will win the following:

  • 2 Rumparooz 6R microfiber inserts
  • 2 FuzziBunz microfiber inserts (choice of small or medium/large)
  • Doopsy-Bamboo-Hemp-Inserts1 Doopsy bamboo/hemp insert
  • 2 gauze diaper doublers
  • 1 package (contains 6) Cotton Babies stay-dry liners
  • 1 Hemp Babies hemp doubler

Hemp Babies Doubler

Choosing reusable products like cloth diapers helps to create less waste, and as a result it shows good stewardship of the world with which we have been entrusted.  Thanks for choosing cloth diapers!

Mandatory Entry: follow Doable Diapers via Google Friend Connect

Bonus Entries:

  • Attend The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 in a city near you.  List the city where you are registered to attend.
  • Follow Doable Diapers via Networked Blogs.  Leave your screen name.
  • “Like” Doable Diapers on FacebookLeave your screen name.
  • Follow Doable Diapers on TwitterLeave your Twitter handle.
  • Grab the Doable Diapers button for your blog.  Leave the URL of your blog.
  • Blog about this giveaway (5 bonus entries).  Leave the URL of your blog post (not the homepage of your blog).
  • Sign up to receive the Doable Diapers Newsletter.
  • Tell us your favorite insert – brand and composition.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.  Tweet must include @DoableDiapers and include a link to this post.  Tweet entries should be made by leaving a comment on this post.  You must include your name, email address, and the URL/permalink of your Tweet.  You may tweet once per day during the dates of this giveaway.


Fine Print: 
-All entries will be made using the form.  Comment entries will be deleted. 
-You must leave verification information for your entries. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
-Giveaway prize may only be shipped to a valid USA address. 
-Giveaway open through Saturday, April 30, at 5 pm EST. 
-Winner will be announced on the blog and contacted via email. 
-Winner has 48 hours to claim prize, or a new winner will be chosen. 
-Winner is chosen using a random number generator.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SALE on Rumparooz Products!


RumparoozIn celebration of Earth Day, all Rumparooz/Kanga Care products are 15% off!  This sale will run through
April 30.

No coupon code is needed, so just head over to the website and start shopping!  Rumparooz sales don’t come around very often, so be sure to snatch this up while you can!

If we are sold out of an item that you want, we would be happy to order it for you.  Please contact us prior to placing your order to ensure that we can obtain the item.  Email with any questions!

Here is a list of items included in this sale:

Fine Print:  Not valid on previous or pending orders.  Gumball print is not available in G2 diapers.  Hemp inserts are sold out until further notice.  Sale on diaper covers applies to in-stock items only (we cannot order any more until the end of May). 

bg comp

And don’t forget that the bumGenius 4.0 diapers are still on sale, Buy 5 Get 1 Free.  See more details on the sale HERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I participate in the Wordless Wednesday meme every week on my personal blog.  Today’s pictures include my cutie pie in a cute cloth diaper, so I thought I would share here as well.



If there were no other reason, I would cloth diaper just because of the cute factor!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons from Traveling with Cloth Diapers

cartoon-airplaneA couple of weeks ago my parents paid for Elaine and I to visit them in Colorado.  Since we live in Brooklyn, this involved air travel.  Elaine is not yet two, so she travels for free if she sits in my lap.  Traveling with a one year old is challenging enough, but bringing your cloth diapers on the trip can pose another challenge.  Here are some things that I learned from our recent trip, though it wasn’t the first time I traveled with cloth diapers.

Packing Diapers Can Be Pricey

…if you have to pay for your luggage.  It is really helpful if you choose an airline with no baggage fees. We flew Southwest, which allows two free checked bags per person.  Cloth diapers can take up a lot of room, and it was nice to be able to designate a suitcase for them without incurring extra charges.

Hybrids Help

It is a good idea to travel light, and for the cloth diapering parent hybrids make an excellent choice.  We don’t have many hybrids in our stash.  Let me tell you – pocket diapers take up tons of space!  While they are the easiest and quickest to put on your baby, it may be wise to choose a hybrid option so you don’t have to pack as many diapers.  If you just need a couple of covers and a few inserts, you will save space and weight in your packing.  Additionally, with a hybrid system like the Flip diapers, you can even choose to take disposable inserts with you for travel and/or use at your destination.

Bring Your Detergent!

Unless you are visiting a fellow cloth diaperer, you will probably not find a cloth diaper-friendly detergent easily accessible.  I chose to pack a couple of Rockin’ Green sample packages of detergent.  Since I did not bring my entire stash of diapers, I washed every other day.  This is more frequent than I normally wash, so I packed extra detergent just in case.

I Missed My Diaper Sprayer!

On this trip I realized just how much I depend on mydiaper sprayer!  Elaine had several days of loose bm’s upon arrival, and every diaper was a mess to “dunk”.  I didn’t want to end up with staining, but I didn’t like to swish the diapers either!  If your destination is family that you visit often, consider donating a diaper sprayer to them.  It will make your visits easier!

Bring That, Just in Case

I didn’t really pack for anything outside of my “normal” diaper routine.  However, with Elaine’s messy diapers came a horrible, and I mean horrible rash.  She cried at every diaper change, and could barely stand for me to touch her diaper area, much less wipe it clean.  I had not packed many stay-dry liners.  This was a mistake.  Since I brought my diaper rash cream, I should have brought more liners…just in case.  Luckily my mom had some fleece in her sewing basket, and I whipped up several homemade liners.  With the change in diet and routine that every trip brings, you never know how your baby’s “system” will react.  Be prepared…just in case.  I learned that it would have been better to be safe, but I ended up sorry.

Use Disposable Wipes

I try to use as many reusable products as possible in our home.  Cloth wipes fit right in with cloth diapers.  However, for the short time that you will be away from home, I would recommend (from personal experience) using disposable wipes.  I had to bring along the ingredients for my wipe solution, in addition to my cloth wipes.  And with Elaine’s rash, I ended up buying wipes anyway to make sure they were extra gentle and mild.  It was much easier to have one less thing to attend to when I wasn’t in my own environment.

Don’t Overload the Diaper Bag

I packed way too many diapers in my diaper bag for use en route.  I was afraid of missed connections or delayed flights, and I didn’t want to be stuck without recourse.  However, when we arrived I discovered that I had not even used half of what I packed.  So don’t go overboard.  I would include one diaper for every two hours that you will be gone, and add 1-2 extra for peace of mind.  It should be plenty.  I ended up carrying around a lot of weight that was unnecessary!

I hope these tips help.  Every time I take my cloth diapers away from home, I learn something new.  What have you learned from traveling with cloth diapers?  Leave a comment – there are many readers who can benefit from your experience and tips!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Raising Cloth Diaper Awareness, Little by Little

Little League ParadeYesterday my family attended the Little League Parade in Brooklyn, NY.  This is a “small” local event, yet it was a decent sized parade.  The little sluggers all marched through Park Slope, Brooklyn and ended at Prospect Park where the Little League Season was officially opened with a ceremonial first pitch.

Little League ParadeElaine is only 17 months, so we didn’t attend because we have a Little Leaguer (though my husband would *LOVE* that!).  We went to pass out brochures about the benefits of cloth diapers!

I developed a brochure that shares five main reasons why cloth diapers should be considered as an option.  It gives basic information and introduces the reader to the modern cloth diaper.  Too many times I think that people are turned off when they hear “cloth diaper” because they immediately picture our grandmothers’ style of cloth diapers.

Since the Little League parade was a family event, many of the ball players have younger siblings.  Everyone was out together to celebrate the opening of Little League season.  It was a beautiful day, and maybe now some of them are more educated about the benefits of modern cloth diapering!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Order Matters!

Doopsy-Bamboo-Hemp-InsertsIf you are using more than one insert in your pocket diapers, it is important to place them in the correct order.  While both of your inserts may have the same fiber composition, you may also benefit from mixing fibers in your inserts.  This is especially beneficial when extra absorbency is needed – for example, naptime, bedtime, and long car rides.  If you are using two different fibers to stuff your pocket diapers, consider carefully the order in which you stack them! 

If one of your inserts is microfiber, you should place that closest to the lining of the diaper.  Microfiber absorbs liquid very quickly, and you want to catch all of the urine as soon as possible.  6r_soaker

Hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton, however, can absorb large amounts of liquid.  Place these inserts or doublers underneath the microfiber insert to hold all of the excess urine.  Though these fibers absorb more slowly, they hold more than microfiber does.

Doable Diapers carries a variety of inserts, liners, and doublers to meet your diapering needs.  Be sure to visit our selection here.  If you have any questions, concerns, or tips, please leave us a comment or send an email to

Monday, April 4, 2011

bumGenius! Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!

bg comp

The bumGenius buy 5 get 1 free sale is back! 
This promotion is valid from April 1 through May 31st.

Sale is valid on solid color and Artist Series bumGenius 4.0 diapers.  Free diaper must be of equal or lesser value. 

To redeem this deal, use code BFGO511 at checkout.  Then, in the “comments” box at checkout write the color desired for your free diaper.  

Your free diaper will not show up in your cart, but it will be included in your order if you have used the coupon. There is no limit on the number of times you may redeem this coupon, either separately or on the same order.  You will receive one free diaper for every five diapers purchased, as long as you redeem the coupon code.

**If you do not use the code, you will not receive your free diaper.

Shipping is always FREE at Doable Diapers on US domestic orders.  We are unable to ship bumGenius products outside of the United States.

Please order only in-stock colors.  You may contact us prior to checkout if you want a color that is sold out, and we will let you know if we can get it for you.  While supplies last.  No previous or pending orders discounted.

Friday, April 1, 2011 Giveaway

kw-125x125-bannerAre you a follower of  Kelly started Kelly’s Closet several years ago.  After selling the business last year, Kelly has been working hard in cloth diaper advocacy and promoting green living.  Her new blog,, is a wealth of information, and also includes the occasional exciting giveaway!

The latest giveaway at is sponsored by Doablekw-giveaway-040111 Diapers!  You can win a Flip package – two covers and two inserts (in your choice of stay-dry or organic cotton).  Head over to to learn how you can enter – there are many ways!

This giveaway is open now through April 8, 2011 at 5 p.m. EST.

Click HERE to visit and enter to win!

A Wool Primer, Part 3

24394_555507097714_55301941_32711496_8358030_nguest post by Marah Mumma

Read the other posts in this series:
Part 1: Facts About Wool, and
Part 2: Types of Wool Products

The Wool Primer #3: Caring for Wool

Wool must be washed and lanolized for proper use. Because of the antibacterial properties of wool, wool covers only have to be washed about once every two weeks, unless they get soiled. Lanolin is the natural waterproofing on sheep's wool. This natural lanolin is what makes the wool "waterproof". The lanolin on the wool cover gets used up by the urine as the cover air dries, so after a while you will need to restore lanolin to the cover to maintain the cover's effectiveness. There are a lot of different wool wash products out there. And there are a lot of different routines for washing. It’s about finding a product and routine that works for you!

Sample Wash Routine:

1. Fill sink with lukewarm water and add wool wash (read bottle for amount to add) or rub with wool bar. If the cover is soiled, rinse first.

Liquid Wool WashLiquid Wool Wash

Liquid wool wash is just that…liquid. Some require rinsing, others don’t. Some contain lanolin, others don’t. Just read the directions on the bottle. Usually manufactures include a suggested wash routine for using their product. Liquids can be scented with either essential oils or fragrance oils.

Examples: Face of the Wave, Eucalan, Lamby Woolwash, Sudz'n Dudz, Imse Vimse wool shampoo, CJ’s.

Wool Wash Bar

Wool Wash BarWool wash bars are essentially a bar of soap that is used for washing wool items. Washing with a bar requires rubbing wool VERY GENTLY with wool wash bar. Wool wash bars can also contain lanolin and scents.

Examples: Face of the Wave, Sudz’n Dudz, Sheepish Grins.

2. "Swoosh" the covers around lightly in the water and let sit for about 10-15 minutes.

3. Rinse. Some washes require a rinse and other do not. Most products will specify if they require a rinse.

4. Refill sink with lukewarm water. Add lanolin. You can either use liquid lanolin or add about a ¼ inch of lanolin (like lansinoh lanolin) to about 2 tablespoons of water in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the bowl in the microwave until the lanolin is dissolved.

5. Put covers in sink and let sit in water/lanolin mixture for 10-15 minutes. Lanolizing (steps 4 and 5) only needs to be done about once a month, not every wash.

6. Remove covers and squeeze out excess water. Roll in a dry fluffy towel. Lay flat to dry.

If you have any questions about wool please feel free to e-mail me, smmumma at gmail dot com and I will do my best to help you out!

Special thanks to Marah Mumma from Diary of a Devil Dog Wife for her expertise, and for taking the time to share it with Doable Diapers readers.  Please stop in at Marah’s blog and tell her we sent you!

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