Saturday, July 30, 2011


Here are the winners from this week’s giveaways:

images - Copy

The Rumparooz Diaper Cover:

Entry #155, Sarah Hull!

The FuzziBunz One Size Diaper:

Entry #428, Cassie Smith!

The Baby Bond Nursing Cover:

Entry #1, Kelly S.!

Email within 48 hours to claim your prize!  Congratulations!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Monthly Report: Cloth Diapering at One Month

Nolan turned four weeks old today, and he will be a month old on Saturday.  He is now over 10 pounds (7 lbs. 6 oz. at birth). I thought I would post an update to our cloth diapering – to let you know what we are doing, what doesn’t work, and what has changed since he was a newborn.

Nolan only wore the FuzziBunz extra small diapers for two weeks.  He is gaining weight much quicker than Elaine did.  I also packed away the newborn prefolds.  The size was still fine, but with only six layers in the center panel they just weren’t absorbent past an hour!


Our stash now consists of seven Rumparooz One Size pocket diapers, five FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diapers, seven FuzziBunz Perfect Fit Diapers, one Knickernappies One Size diaper, one Doopsy SD trim fit, and eight small prefolds with two Newborn Rumparooz Covers.

As I mentioned before, I am using FuzziBunz small inserts in the Rumparooz diapers.  The larger portion of the 6R soaker is too big, but the newborn insert wasn’t absorbent enough at this stage.  The FuzziBunz small inserts are wide and four layers thick so they are very absorbent.  They fit perfectly in the Rumparooz with the rise on the smallest setting.  Nolan can go 4-5 hours in one of these diapers at night.

The prefolds still don’t seem to be as absorbent as I would like, so I reach for the pocket diapers first.  We always take pockets in the diaper bag.  Nolan is still wearing the Rumparooz Newborn covers on the medium rise setting, but I think he is about ready to let them all the way out to the large setting.

I had to let out the waist on the FuzziBunz one size diapers.  Perhaps I didn’t quite have the sizing right before, but Nolan is growing rapidly, so he was ready for some breathing room.  The Perfect Fit FuzziBunz are a little high in the rise, and a smidge loose around the legs.  Elaine and Nolan both have skinny legs and thighs, so I think that is the reason the fit isn’t quite right.  They work well for daytime use when I am changing Nolan more frequently.

I am looking forward to testing the new Rumparooz Eco-Posh Wool Cover on Nolan with my Doopsy Bamboo Fitted.  I also have an old bumGenius Bamboo Fitted that should fit soon.  This will be our overnight routine and we will see how it goes!

We are washing diapers about every 36 hours.  This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t have a dryer, so I have to allow for hang dry time.  I also stopped using my cloth wipes for a while.  It is a lot to hang out, then to fold, etc.  I was getting overwhelmed with the volume of laundry and taking care of both kiddos.  So we decided to use disposable wipes and napkins for a little bit until I am better adjusted to life as a mommy of two!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Rumparooz for All Ages!

Here is a picture I thought you might enjoy…


Nolan is wearing a Rumparooz Preemie/Newborn Diaper Cover, Elaine is wearing a Rumparooz One Size Diaper Cover, and “Betsy” is wearing her Rumparooz Doll Diaper – all in the Gumball print!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Bond Nursing Cover Review and Giveaway

As a mother who believes in breastfeeding my babies, it is important to me to be able to modestly nurse my babies, even when away from home.  I used a cape style nursing cover with Elaine.  While it had boning in the top to allow me to maintain eye contact with my baby, it was very hot.  The place I nurse my baby most often when away from home is our church nursery.  It is a small (but adequate) room, and it easily gets warm when you add more bodies to the room!  The cape nursing cover was making me and my baby very hot and sweaty.  This did not provide a comfortable environment for nursing!

Enter Baby Bond!
leftimgI was so glad to discover the Baby Bond nursing cover.  It is a unique design that allows me to remain covered and modest without covering my baby.  This allows eye contact, ease of movement, and a cool experience during nursing.


From the Baby Bond website…
“BabyBond™ nursing accessories cover mom, not her baby. Mom is MG_7898-230x322able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate. After all, dining is social.”  Baby Bond is also the winner of the iParenting Award.

The Baby Bond website is very helpful.  Not only are there diagrams, pictures, and descriptions, but there is a tutorial video demonstrating how each product works and should be used.  I found these videos very helpful as I selected the product I wanted, as well as to learn how to use this unique nursing cover.  Since the concept is different, I needed help!

Baby Bond Products
product1-smallThere are three styles of the Baby Bond.  The Original is a sash style that allows you to nurse from the top of your shirt. 



product2-smallThe Flex is just like the Original Baby Bond, but it includes a removable burp cloth on the shoulder.  How cool is that?  It keeps the cloth in place so it is not constantly falling while you burp the baby. 


product3The Couture is a double functioning nursing cover that can be a sash so you nurse from the top of your shirt, or it can be worn as a belly band to allow you to nurse from the bottom of your shirt.  It is adjustable also, allowing you to use it through the different changes your body goes through post partum.  I chose to review the Couture Baby Bond in the Navy color.

My Review
I really like the concept behind the Baby Bond.  As I mentioned before, I like that it does not overwhelm me with heat as I am nursing. 

IMG_0717(nursing from the top – Baby Bond is a sash)

I really love that the Baby Bond rolls up into itself.  This keeps my diaper bag more organized and neat.  It also means that I don’t have a separate bag that can be lost.

I found that I am more accustomed to nursing from the bottom of my shirt, so I was even more glad that I selected the Couture Baby Bond.  I don’t wear lower cut or v-neck shirts, and I discovered that I only have a couple of button down shirts which I wear for everyday.  (Maybe I need to make my wardrobe more breastfeeding-friendly…).

IMG_0721(nursing from the bottom – the Baby Bond is the blue fabric covering my waist)

It did take some practice for me to get the hang of the Baby Bond.  A great feature is that there are diagrams right on the product tag.  I had watched the video, but when I needed reminded of which way to wear the sash, I could get help at any time just by glancing at the tag.

Nolan and I intend to put the Baby Bond to much more use!

Buy It
Shop the Baby Bond website anytime, or call 973.222.6609 to place an order. 
Use the code DOABLE and get 25% off your purchase!

The Giveaway
One Doable Diapers reader will win their choice of (in-stock) style and color Baby Bond nursing cover!  Giveaway open to worldwide residents.
(Here’s how the giveaway works)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Controversy Over Teaching Breastfeeding

There is a new doll coming to the United States market which has sparked quite a controversy.  It is the Breast Milk Baby, and its purpose is to teach young girls how to breastfeed.  The girls wear the special shirt/top that comes with the doll.  It has flowers where nipples would be, and the baby doll makes noises when held up to the flowers.  From the website for the manufacturing company, the doll “lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy!”

This doll is produced in Spain and has been marketed with success all over Europe.  Now that the company is bringing it to the United States, there appears to be a controversy.  Should young girls be taught how to breastfeed?

I’ve been mulling over this question for a couple of days.  I guess I don’t have a problem with it.  While I realize that how and what you feed your baby is a personal choice (and there are many factors which influence the decision to bottle feed), the studies are clear that breastfeeding is best for the baby.

I haven’t done any deep research, but I can imagine that with teen and unexpected pregnancies, one reason that more mother’s do not choose to breastfeed is because they are not educated about it.  While it is a “natural instinct”, it isn’t exactly plain and easy to get the hang of with your first child.

Birth of Elaine Cristin HamiltonI struggled in the hospital with Elaine to learn how to hold her, how to get her to latch, and how long she should nurse on each side.  It took some work and effort, but we did it.  I nursed her for 14 months before she decided she was done.  Nolan latched immediately, easily, and hasn’t looked back!  The pediatrician was shocked that Nolan is breastfed because of how much weight he has gained – over two pounds in his short three week life.

Birth of Nolan Obadiah

I remember that I had been given a bottle sanitizer as a baby gift.  Knowing that I wanted to breastfeed, I returned it to the store for a more useful item.  The lady who processed my return was very opinionated about how I shouldn’t go through that pain to breastfeed when I could just use a bottle.  Perhaps that is the opinion of more women who don’t understand the benefits of breastfeeding, or that the pain goes away with the engorgement.

If we teach young girls now to breastfeed their babies, and give them a head start on learning how you breastfeed, then maybe more of them will stick with it when they become mothers.  That is my opinion.  But what do you think?  Leave a comment…share your thoughts.

th_BFBlogHop06If you are looking for more information about breastfeeding, you should contact your local chapter of the La Leche League, or visit Diary of a Devil Dog Wife.  Marah writes for a Breastfeeding Blog Hop each week, and her posts are chock full of researched information on various topics surrounding breastfeeding.

leftimgAnd if you are/want to breastfeed, be sure to come back tomorrow for a giveaway that will help…a Baby Bond nursing cover so you can feed your baby no matter where you are!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FuzziBunz One Size Diaper Review & Giveaway

FuzziBunz have long been my favorite cloth diaper.  Rumparooz is right up there at the top now, and I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite.  I started out using FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers.  The One Size diaper was fairly new at that time, and I couldn’t find too many reviews or opinions on it.

Once I tried a FuzziBunz One Size diaper there was no turning back!  Why would I spend all of that money on 2 or 3 different sizes of diapers, when one diaper would do it from birth to potty training?

However, we started using One Size diapers when Elaine was several months old.  I didn’t have the opportunity to see how little the diaper would shrink down to fit a tiny newborn.  Nolan’s arrival provided the perfect opportunity to put my favorite diaper to the test!

The Size Settings
One of the features I love about FuzziBunz One Size diapers is the method of size Nolan 3 days FuzziBunz cloth diaperadjustment.  Rather that use rise snaps down the front of the diaper, FuzziBunz utilizes button-hole elastic in the legs and waist.  It provides a much nicer appearance and I think a slightly trimmer fit.

I do have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the above mentioned elastics.  While the combination of elastic and and hip/waist snaps provides nearly endless adjustability, it can be tricky to find just the right combination to provide the perfect fit on your baby.

I started by sizing my diapers using the recommended chart for a newborn size.  As with Elaine, I found that I needed to tighten the legs and let out the waist.  The fit is further adjusted by choosing the appropriate snaps on the front of the diaper.

Nolan 12 Days FuzziBunz One Size diaperIt took several tries to find the right setting for Nolan.  This process can be a little frustrating.  Thankfully the setting only needs to be changed a few times during baby’s diaper years.

There is another problem that can crop up with the FuzziBunz One Size diaper if you are diapering more than one child.  It is much faster to switch the diaper size if there are rise snaps.  We are working on potty training Elaine, but she still wears her diapers part of the day.  Rather than constantly change the elastic settings, I chose to have certain FuzziBunz for Elaine, and certain FuzziBunz for Nolan.

The Absorption
The FuzziBunz One Size diaper comes with two inserts.  One is shorter for use on small babies, while one is longer for use with older babies and toddlers.  I found that the small insert is still a little long for the newborn setting, so it has to be folded over in the back.  This can look kind of funny.  However, at the rate Nolan is growing I’m sure he will be in the next size very soon!

The absorbency of the FuzziBunz One Size diaper is great.  Nolan seems to be a heavy wetter (already!) but the four-layer microfiber insert works well, even at night.  Nolan sleeps 4-5 hours at night right now.

The Fit – Newborn Worthy?
Once you find the correct setting for your diaper, you shouldn’t Nolan 12 Days FuzziBunz One Size diaperhave any problems with leaks.  The legs were too big on my diaper at first, and I had some problems.  Once I adjusted the leg elastic, the problem corrected itself.

One other note when considering the FuzziBunz One Size diaper for newborn use is that it tucks under the umbilical cord a little easier than the Rumparooz One Size diaper.  This is only a consideration for the first 1-2 weeks.

My Final Opinion
I would highly recommend the FuzziBunz One Size diaper for use on any size/age baby.  I have used it on Nolan as a newborn, as well as on Elaine at several months of age and now nearly two years old.  It is a true one size diaper in my opinion, with a great fit, clean look, customizable absorption, a wide variety of color choices, and it comes from a proven company with excellent customer service.

Elaine 9 months in FuzziBunz One Size       Elaine Christmas FuzziBunz pictures cfop

The Giveaway
One Doable Diapers reader will win their choice of in-stock FuzziBunz One Size Diaper.  Giveaway open to US and International residents.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rumparooz One Size Diaper Review (on a newborn)

The Rumparooz one size diaper is designed to fit babies from 6-35+ pounds.  It has four size settings that can be adjusted with rise snaps on the front of the diaper.  The 6R soaker has six unique settings to fit a newborn, boy, girl, or heavy wetter. 

Rumparooz Updated Diagram - Copy

I was not introduced to Rumparooz diapers until Elaine was several months old.  I did not have the opportunity to test the Rumparooz on a small baby…until now!  I was curious to see how well this diaper would fit a newborn.  It still seems amazing to me that there can be one diaper which will fit such a wide range of sizes!  I wondered…will it be incredibly bulky on my little baby?

I was not disappointed!  My son was just over 7 lbs. when we left the hospital.  The Rumparooz diaper was one of the first I used on him.  (I have been hoping for a son…I really, really wanted a Ladder 6 print Rumparooz!)  I adjusted the rise to the smallest setting, and I used only the newborn portion of the 6R soaker.  The newborn insert is contoured between the legs to help reduce the bulkiness on a little baby.

Nolan 11 Days Rumparooz One Size Diaper(Nolan didn’t really want to have his picture taken…he is 11 days old here)

The diaper fit great.  Really, any cloth diaper is going to seem just a bit bulky on such a little baby.  The Rumparooz did not seem abnormally huge or incredibly bulky on Nolan. 

I did try an aplix closure, though I typically avoid hook & loop like the plague.  The stickiness of the tabs is great, and they actually stay on the laundry tabs in the wash.  I still prefer snaps, however, and I am able to get a good fit on Nolan with snaps.


I have been testing several diapers on Nolan, and I really prefer the Rumparooz because of the inner gussets.  The runny, breast-fed, newborn poop can be so explosive, but I haven’t had it escape out the Rumparooz gussets as of yet. 


The only problem I have encountered is that Nolan seems to be quite the wetter.  Seriously…he can completely (and I mean completely) soak a prefold diaper in an hour or two.  He is a frequent wetter, and he wets a lot!  The 6R newborn insert only has two layers of microfiber.  Nolan really needed something more.  I didn’t want to use the regular portion of the 6R soaker simply because of the length.  It would have been very bulky.

I opted for the FuzziBunz small sized microfiber inserts.  They have four absorbent layers, but are short enough to use on the Rumparooz newborn setting.  This solution has worked well for us, especially at night when Nolan can sleep five hours.

I would definitely recommend the Rumparooz one size diaper for newborn use.  It’s easy to use, contains newborn poo exceptionally well, and it will grow with your baby. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rumparooz Diaper Cover Review and Giveaway

With my first baby I used mostly pre-folds and covers, simply for economical reasons.  I had six small sized FuzziBunz diapers, but they were too big on my seven pound, skinny newborn daughter.  I did however, find that prefolds are very good at containing the ever explosive breast-fed poo.  I used a Snappi Fastener and the angel fold.  I tried many diaper covers, but I was limited in my choice of newborn sized covers, especially when you add in the fact that I only wanted covers with snap closures.

The Product
I was very excited when Rumparooz introduced their diaper covers because there is aNBcover_snap_20_robotronic Preemie/Newborn sized cover with snap closures and three rise options.  Then consider that it comes in the same colors and to-die-for prints as other Rumparooz products, and I was sold.  I couldn’t wait for my baby to arrive so I could start selecting my favorite prints and try them out!

I had already decided to add the Gumball newborn cover to my stash.  When we found out that baby was a boy, I also chose the Robotronics print.  I will add more covers in the regular size once Nolan is bigger.

The Fit
This cover truly is made for Preemie and Newborns in mind.  I immediately set my cover to the smallest rise setting.  Nolan was 7 lbs. 6 oz. at birth, but he is skinny like his big sister.  I had to change my cover to the medium rise setting to fit him.  If I were cloth diapering an itty-bitty baby, this would be my choice!

I love that these covers have the Rumparooz signature innerNolan 11 days Lil Joey Cover gussets.  The covers I used with Elaine did not, and subsequently we had leaks every so often.  I have only had one leak episode with Nolan’s Rumparooz covers, and I discovered that it was my fault…I didn’t have the diaper tucked into the cover completely.

The Rumparooz cover is also flexible enough that I was able to tuck it under Nolan’s cord stump in the first few days.  That was very important, and hard to do with a pocket diaper!

Nolan 11 days Lil Joey Cover(Nolan at 11 days old)

The beauty of the diaper cover is that it can be used multiple times before needing washed, as long it is not soiled.  I have only been using the two covers with my newborn prefolds, and it has been sufficient.  (Disclaimer: we are not using prefolds full time – half of our stash is pocket diapers.  If you are planning to use only prefolds on a newborn you will likely want 4-6 covers to ensure you have enough).

Nolan is now over 9 pounds (yes…he gained two pounds in just 10 days!) and the cover still fits beautifully on the medium rise setting.  He will be able to wear this cover longer than his newborn prefolds will fit, I think!

The Giveaway
One Doable Diapers reader will win a Rumparooz cover in their choice of in-stock color or print!  You can choose the Newborn size or the regular One Size cover.  Prize can only be shipped to a USA address.
(Here’s how the giveaway works)

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coming Next Week…

Dear Doable Diapers readers,

I had intended to continue the reviews and giveaways in the Surprise Delivery event beginning this week.  But…my week got a little crazy and out of hand with a newborn, a potty-training toddler, and Vacation Bible School at our church every night.  I’m back in the saddle now, so look for these reviews and/or giveaways to come next week:

  • Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover
  • Rumparooz One Size Diaper on a newborn
  • FuzziBunz One Size Diaper on a newborn
  • Comparison of the Rumparooz and FuzziBunz one size diapers on a newborn
  • Baby Bond nursing cover
  • WAHM Contoured Burp Cloths, Cloth Wipes, and Swaddling Blankets

Elaine Reading to NolanMy Elaine reading a book to her new brother!

Until Next Week,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nolan’s Newborn Pictures

Here are a few shots I captured of Nolan last week for his newborn pictures…

Nolan's Newborn Portraits

Nolan's Newborn Portraits

Nolan's Newborn Portraits

Nolan Baseball Collage Blue Border

So…can anyone guess Daddy’s favorite sport?


And here is Nolan with big sister Elaine…
Elaine & Nolan Collage

Monday, July 11, 2011

Winners…Surprise Delivery Event

Surprise Delivery Button JPG

:: Guess My Baby’s Gender: (ended June 30th)

Of the 38 people who correctly guessed that we were having a boy, the winner is…
Entry #18, Bridgett Z
(view the entries here)

:: Nursing Cover Giveaway: (ended June 30th)

Winner: Entry #32, Katie S
(view the entries here)

:: Rockin’ Green Giveaway: (ended July 1st)

1st winner: Entry 203, Serena
2nd winner: Entry 7, Vashti McMurray
(View the entries here)

:: TEA Collection Giveaway (ended July 4th)

Winner: Entry #43, Sarah (mummytocharis@…)
(view the entries here)

:: Eco Nuts Giveaway: (ended July 6th)

Winner: Entry #46, Hillary Wenrich
New Winner: Entry #54, Janelle Prentice
(view the entries here)

:: Marine Parents Giveaway: (ended July 8th)

Winner: Entry #22, Angela H.
(view the entries here)

:: Facebook 1000 Fans Giveaway: (ended July 10th)

Winner: Entry #12, Belle Windham
(view the entries here)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giveaway extended…

FB SpearmintI decided to extend the 1000 Facebook Fans giveaway through the weekend.  You now have until July 10th at 11:59 EST to enter.  Spread the word…it’s a Spearmint FuzziBunz up for grabs!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I’m still here…

Birth of Nolan ObadiahI just wanted to let you know that I am taking a short break from blogging while I adjust to life as a mommy of two!  I should be back next week with the winners from all of the current giveaways. 

Nolan was seven pounds, six ounces at birth.  He is nearly eight pounds now – a really good eater!  I am having fun using all of my new diapers on him, as well as pulling out newborn favorites from Elaine!  While taking care of two little ones is a bit more challenging than I anticipated, I am so glad that the Lord gives me strength day by day!

Coming up soon there will several other reviews and giveaways in the next couple of weeks to finish out the Surprise Delivery event!

Birth of Nolan Obadiah

Look for reviews on several newborn diapers & covers, as well as the fit of one size diapers on a newborn.  I also have one more sponsored giveaway…a Baby Bond nursing cover!

I can tell you from the last six days of cloth diapering that I would consider the Rumparooz and FuzziBunz to be truly one size – I was able to use these on Nolan right away.  The bumGenius one size is still huge.  We’re still testing and trying and having fun!

Birth of Nolan Obadiah

There are still two giveaways open, plus the referral contest.  The Eco Nuts giveaway ends today (7/6).  The Marine Parents The Shop giveaway for a $15 gift certificate ends on July 8th.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby’s First Fluff Photo Contest

Here is my Nolan in his first cloth diaper – a FuzziBunz extra small in Mac N Cheese!


There were 15 entries into the photo contest:

Adrianna MacKenzieMackenzie (Adrianna MacKenzie), 5 weeks

Angela Heffner
Joshua, 6 months

Ashley Nance
Easton, 1 month

Brandi Elam
Jaxon, 3 days

Cara Staten
Liam, 9 days

Cindy Weibley

Erin Reese
Jeremy, 6 weeks

Heidi Reall Daily
Jocelyn, 3 months

Jamie McMillan
Miles, 9 months

Julia Raymond
Nehemiah, 3 days

Kristen Bobbitt
Lincoln, 4 weeks

Lindsey Grimes
Mackenzie (Lindsey Grimes), 2 weeks

Rebecca Smith
Belle, 3 weeks

Sarah Mckelvy
Charis, 10.5 months

Keeley, 7 weeks

There were a few pictures I received which did not fill out the form, so I wasn’t able to include them.

Including bonus entries, there were 43 entries. 

images - CopyThe winner is entry #43, Sarah and her daughter Charis!

Please email within 48 hours to claim your prize.  Congratulations!


(View entries hereView fine print here. Winner chosen using

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