Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Start your Christmas list now!


fbnewdiapers-400I don’t know about you, but I can always use more cloth diapers!  When I was pregnant I only wanted to get cloth diapers for my baby shower. 

I started picking up most of the big items on sales and Craigslist.  We opted out of the Pack N Play, the baby bath, the play mats and big toys.  I bought my changing table used, my husband built the crib, and I found a like-new swing at a bargain price.  When people asked what I wanted for baby gifts, I told them “cloth diapers!”  I set up a gift registry at my local cloth diaper shop and built my stash.  I received exactly the brand and colors of diapers and accessories that I wanted.

Did you know that we have a gift registry at Doable Diapers?  You could set up a registry before your baby is born, to celebrate a birthday (maybe you need the next size of diaper?), or for Christmas.  Are there some accessories that you want…like a diaper sprayer?  Maybe a new diaper that you want to try…but you can’t squeeze it out of the budget?  Set up a registry and start your Christmas list now!  Friends and family can purchase exactly what you want!

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