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Thinking About Cloth Diapering? Read this! (But get a snack and get comfy...) part 2

guest post by Crystal Biehl

(you can read part 1 here)…

Cleaning is Easy!
Cleaning them is seriously not bad at all. You will want a cloth diaper pail liner--I recommend you buy 2 Bottombumpers pail liners.  They are awesome.  And when you change the diaper, you rinse it off, ball it up, throw it in the pail and on wash day, I just grab the pail liner (full of the diapers) and dump it into the washer and throw the liner in.  I don't have to touch the diapers.  I recommend 2 so you have one available while you wash the other.

The Scoop on Poop CrystalBiehlGuestBlog_0002
I mean, it's poop so it's gross, but ultimately, it's your kid.  You know what is in the poop! Mark made me a diaper sprayer--here's the
link on my blog to how to do it.

Washing Your Diapers
Washing them is easy--you just do a cold wash, then a hot wash with an extra rinse.  That's it.  And you use the cheapest detergent you can find--we used Purex for a long time.  I just started using actual cloth diaper detergent and it's awesome-- it was 10 bucks for the bag and it's lasted me 2 months so far because you only use 1 tablespoon of it per wash load (less for an HE washer).  SO I do recommend using cloth diaper detergent--it's just as cheap as Purex and works better since it's made for cloth diapers.  I like Lulu's In the Fluff.  Also, I line-dry it all--the sun takes out any stains and leaves everything bright white! If you don't have a line, a rack works too!

They do make flushable liners if the thought of spraying off diapers grosses you out. 

As far as sales go, there are sales off and on throughout the year--especially around holidays (labor day, memorial day, etc.).  You might see things called "Seconds" sales and that means that the diaper has a little defect but still works great--these are super cheap if you can find them.  I would just search the brand you want to buy + sale. Sometimes you get buy 5 get 1 free or 10% off.    It's just a matter of searching and seeing who has the best deal (package deals, free shipping, etc.).  Also, lots of places, like Doable Diapers, have rewards systems set up! So, spend and earn dollars to buy more diapers!

Other Info
Cloth Wipes--you are going to want to use cloth wipes--you'll save money and you can just throw them in with the diapers.  You do have to spray them off when you start solids, but it's not a big deal.  If you are crafty, you could make your own out of flannel.  I'm not crafty so I buy these ones:  Tree Huggin' Designs cloth wipes.

Wet Bag-- this is a bag you use when you are out and about.  You just put the dirty diaper in it and you don't have to worry about it.  I buy mine from Tree Huggin Designs but you can find all types of them--just search cloth diaper wet bag! Or you can make your own!! Or just use Ziploc bags!

You will probably want to buy at least 30 diapers--this will get you through 3 days (washing on the 3rd--with 1 kid).  I have around 40 and I can go 4 days in between washing!! It's awesome . Cloth diapers are an initial cost upfront but you will spend hundreds compared to the thousands you'd spend on disposables.

I know it's a lot of info--but don't be overwhelmed.  Just start simple and expand your stash.  

I will tell you that people who CrystalBiehlGuestBloghave not used cloth diapers will think you are crazy--but I think it's crazy to spend thousands of dollars on disposables that you throw away.  I love that only cotton touches Collin's butt. I know we were all raised in disposables, but it just feels good to put him in cloth, you know?  Also, everyone thinks cloth diapering is pins and plastic pants but it is not that anymore!

Cloth diapering really is easy!  If you are worried about daycare, just check the laws.  Often, it just says the diaper has to be in a sealed bag/container--in which case, a wet bag would work.  They also make cloth diapers that have throw away inserts--I've never used them but I've heard good things-- they are called hybrids--there are several brands to choose from.

My last bit of advice is seek out other cloth diapering mommas! There's a #clothdiapers chat every Monday night on Twitter.  There are TONS of Facebook pages and blogs devoted to cloth diapers! But be warned...you will become a fluff addict!

Hope this was helpful! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fluff!


Crystal Biehl Guest Blog_0001_thumb[4]Crystal is a SAHM to one handsome little man.  She lives with her hubby out in the country, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She started cloth diapering Collin at birth and has never regretted it! Besides her love of fluff, she enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, baking, and any activity outside! You can read more about Crystal at her blog, Biehl Adventures.


Please note: Doable Diapers recommends that you follow the manufacturer guidelines for care & washing of your diapers.  Please refer to our list here.

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