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The Doable Details: Doopsy SD Diaper Review


I was very excited to be among the first retailers to carry the new Doopsy Diapers.  A fan alerted me to this product, and I was intrigued by several unique characteristics.  I took one from our initial order to test out on my daughter.  It took a little while to form my opinion about this diaper.  Read on for the doable details!

Product Description
doopsy-happy-red-smDoopsy Diapers come in three versions.  All of the diapers are a one-size pocket diaper with snaps down the front of the diaper to adjust the rise.  Doopsy Diapers fit babies from 10-35 pounds.  There are five primary colors to choose from: Sunny Yellow, Eco Green, Happy Red, Smiley Blue, and Giggley Orange.

The Doopsy “R” comes with the pocket and two microfiber inserts, each with 4 layers.  The Doopsy "D" comes with one four-layer microfiber insert, and one Doopsy PUL insert.  Each PUL Doopsy insert is expandable, and has four thirsty layers ofKONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERA_0002 Bamboo Double Loop Terry on one side, and a layer of PUL on the other side.  The Doopsy "SD" comes with one four-layer microfiber insert, and one SUPER Doopsy insert.  The Super Doopsy insert comes not only with the Doopsy PUL insert, but also a Bamboo/Hemp extra absorbency pad which can be stuffed into the insert.

The Doopsy Diapers provide a great bang for your buck.  The R is $15.95, the D is $16.95, and the SD is $17.95.  For a one size diaper with snap closures and two inserts, these are great prices.

The unique feature of the Doopsy is the Doopsy insert, and the Super
Doopsy insert.  Not only are these inserts made of bamboo (a sustainable source, and a very thirsty fabric), but the back side of the insert has a layer of PUL.  This provides a double guard against leaks for naps, overnights, and heavy wetters.

The insert itself is like a giant sock.  You stuff one end inside the other end to create a pocket.  (Watch for a video demonstration tomorrow).


The Super Doopsy insert has an extra absorbency pad that is added inside of the insert.  When you fold the insert properly, a pocket is created between the layers of bamboo.  The extra absorbency pad is a hemp/bamboo blend.  Hemp is also a natural fiber, and very absorbent.  It does not soak up the liquid as quickly as bamboo or microfiber.  By added this booster pad between the bamboo layers, you get lots of extra absorbency while allowing the hemp time to soak up the pee.


Doopsy inserts are sold separately, so you can purchase them to use inside your own pocket or cover.

There are three snaps on each tab – two are horizontal on the waist, and one functions as a hip snap.  I like the added security of the extra snap.  FuzziBunz diapers have one waist snap and one hip snap, while bumGenius and Flip diapers have two vertical waist snaps.

After my trial run and some feedback from other users, I believe that the Doopsy KONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERADiapers run a little bit small.  My daughter is 11 months, and a skinny (but tall) 17 pounds.  On most of her diapers the waist snaps are on the next-to-smallest setting.  With the Doopsy I had to fasten the snaps about in the middle, or a medium setting. 

These diapers are very trim!  I especially appreciate this feature now that cooler weather is coming and I have to fit pants over Elaine’s diaper.  However, the crotch is cut more narrow than other one-size diapers that we own.  This makes it hard to stuff a doubler or extra insert into the pocket for overnights.


The pink diaper is a FuzziBunz one size, the green is a bumGenius 4.0, and the yellow is the Doopsy.  There is about 1/2” difference in the size between the FuzziBunz and the Doopsy. 

I found the absorbency of the microfiber inserts to be comparable to any other microfiber insert on the market.  We used microfiber during the day.

KONICAMINOLTADIGITALCAMERA_0001I love the bamboo and hemp insert, as well as the PUL layer to guard against leaks.  However, I am coming to grips with the fact that my daughter must be a heavy wetter, at least at night.  Right now she is peeing through just about every diaper in my stash.  She sleeps 9-10 hours, and wakes up once to nurse (we are trying to break that habit). 

I found that the Super Doopsy insert works very well for us, but only with an additional 2- or 3-layer microfiber insert.  That being said, I cannot stuff both the microfiber and the Super Doopsy insert into the Doopsy pocket – it is not big enough.

Doopsy Diapers are easy to care for.  Cold rinse, hot wash, additional rinse.  I don’t have a dryer, so I line-dry everything.  The hemp booster takes slightly longer to dry.

Ease of Use
I think that pocket diapers are second only to all-in-ones when it comes to ease of use.  They are the most customizable diapers, and they are fast drying.  The Doopsy insert is a little tricky to fold at first, but once you get the hang of it there is no problem.  It takes a couple extra moments to prepare, but we primarily use it at night, so it’s not a big deal.


Have you used the Doopsy diapers?  What are your thoughts & opinions?

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