Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bumGenius Artist Series is released!

5ASdiapers355x160Welcome the bumGenius Artist Series diapers.  This first series by Chelsea Perry is called “Tiny Socialite”.  The response seems very mixed on the social network pages.  It seems that you either hate these, or love them.  I personally like them, but mostly the Eiffel Tower print.  I am diapering a girl, so I’m sure that’s why these appeal to me!

Here is the announcement of the new diapers, as well as answers to your questions:

I think that the colors need to be clarified.  To me, it appears that each one has white in it, except for the “Jet Setter” print.  That is not the case.  Here are the descriptions from the Cotton Babies blog:

BG4ASPerryConcreteJungle1_S400x400 Concrete Jungle is Red over Sweet (pale green)

Eiffel Tower is my favorite in the series – Black and White

Free Spirit is Clementine over Noodle (cream)

Jet Setter is Dark Purple and Blue/Twilight – this is the hardest one for me to see based on the picture!

Retail Therapy is Teal over Lavender

These diapers will ship from the manufacturer beginning November 16th.  They are available for preorder on our site.  You can purchase them individually at $19.95 each, or in a package containing one of each print (5 diapers) for $96.75.  Use code ARTISTSERIES to receive free shipping on these diapers.

One final note…I saw a lot of complaints about the price increase.  I just want to point out that almost every cloth diaper manufacturer adds a small amount to the price when moving from solids to prints.  $1-2 extra is about average from what I have seen.  I was surprised to see so many complaints on this topic.

Have a comment?  Like ‘em or hate ‘em?  Can’t wait to get them?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts and feedback!

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