Monday, September 26, 2011

Replacing the Elastic in FuzziBunz One Size Diapers

Quite a while before Doable Diapers was born, I purchased two used One Size FuzziBunz diapers from Craigslist.  They were my first One Size diapers…I had read enough mixed reviews to cause me to stick with my sized diapers at first.  These were the original version of FuzziBunz One Size, so they are slightly different from the current “model.”  When I was adjusting the size for Elaine, I noticed that the elastic didn’t have quite as much stretch any more.  It was time to be replaced!

This “tutorial” may seem elementary for some, but may be needed for others.  I have a general knowledge and sewing ability, and I have worked with elastic quite a bit.  Some may be nervous to pull out that old elastic, fearful that you will not be able to thread the new elastic through.  Fear no more!  It really is easy!

First, remove the old elastic.  Your FuzziBunz One Size diapers came with three pieces of replacement button-hole elastic.  The two long ones are for the legs, and the short piece is for the waist.

Changing the Elastic in FuzziBunz diapers

Button your new piece of elastic on one side.  It will be helpful if you button it on the #1 hole so that you don’t have to pull the elastic as tight while threading it through the casing.  You can always adjust it to the proper setting later.

Changing the Elastic in FuzziBunz diapers

Attach a safety pin (be sure it is small enough to fit through the casing) to the other end of your elastic.  Also be sure you are threading your elastic through with the numbers facing up so you can easily adjust it as your baby grows.

Changing the Elastic in FuzziBunz diapers

Insert the safety pin into the leg casing hole.  Thread it through by grasping the head of the safety pin (through the fabric) and pushing the leg casing over the safety pin.  Work it through to the other hole.

Changing the Elastic in FuzziBunz diapers

Pull the safety pin out the other side and button your elastic.  Adjust to the proper setting for your baby’s size.  Repeat for the other leg and the waist.

Changing the Elastic in FuzziBunz diapers

Done!  See…easy peasy!


Katherine said...

I am planning to modify an older FB diaper to be able to use this elastic system. I was wondering if the button is sewn to the PUL as well or if it is just sewn on the fleece?

Anonymous said...

Katherine- the buttons on mine are sewn to the fleece. I am also sort of modifying mine at the waste- my baby is HUGE so I need more button holes so that it is not so tight around his waste. Replacing with longer elastic!

Sarah said...

Thanks for instructions. Just changed out my first one. Took bit of grunt work but I finally finished.

One thing I would add is that I pinned the new elastic to the old so when I pulled the old out it would help bring the new one through.

Molly said...

Found your site via a Google search. Thanks for posting this! The waist elastic came undone in the wash, and I was finally able to fix it.

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