Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wool: An Overnight Solution

1_ecoposh_wool_bothrollsConfession: I am very new to wool when it comes to cloth diapering.  I didn’t have that many overnight problems with Elaine, and wool diaper covers always seemed so…bulky.  Not wanting to be a chicken anymore, I delved into the world of wool during the Surprise Delivery event last summer.  Then Rumparooz (Kanga Care) released their new organic Eco-Posh line of diaper products.  I purchased an Organic Fitted Diaper and a Wool Diaper Cover.

Many moms turn to wool, especially as an overnight diaper, because it is super-absorbent, as well as it’s natural antibacterial properties.  Wool is also breathable, making it great for sensitive skin. Coupled with an absorbent fitted diaper, wool can usually contain even the heavy wetter for long periods of time.

I have lanolized my diapers, and found it to be an easy process.  I used Eucalan wool wash first to clean my covers.  I then dissolved a little bit of Lansinoh lanolin (like you use for sore nipples when breastfeeding) in very hot water.  I poured this in the sink and worked it into my covers.

Nolan in Eco Posh

I am overall impressed with the performance of the Eco-Posh products.  My biggest complaint with wool has already been stated…it is very bulky.  Fitted diapers are bulky in themselves, so adding a thick wool cover seemed over the top.  I suppose it seems extra bulky on a little guy like Nolan.

Nolan in Eco Posh

I still prefer my PUL pocket diapers (Rumparooz is my first choice) for overnights – both for Elaine and Nolan.  But I use my fitted and wool diapers about once a week or so, and I will definitely turn to them if Nolan becomes more of a heavy wetter.

Check out our expertly written Wool Primer from Marah at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife!

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