Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diaper Boo-Boos, and the Bag Tag

While to many modern cloth diapers are just as easy to use as any disposable diaper, some are still confused with how to put it on the baby!  Here are a couple of care-giver faux pas or gaffes that we have encountered lately…they seriously made me laugh out loud!

Nolan with backwards diaper

Nolan came home from the church nursery one night with his Rumparooz on backwards.  It is truly a good diaper that doesn’t leak, no matter how you put it on!

Cloth diaper faux pas

A well-meaning baby sitter tried hard, and did an ok job, but it certainly looked awkward!  I have heard of “wing-drop” when the tabs fall out the bottom of the waistline.  What would this be called?  And somehow the rise setting was let out too!

To help protect against these types of errors, I have starting using a diaper bag tag.  I just took a piece of scrapbooking paper cut to the size of a tag (I think it is 3x5). 

On one side I printed easy, but detailed instructions for using cloth diapers.  I even included where to find wipes (I use a wet bag and not the typical wipes case), and where to place soiled diapers.  I have actually had soiled diapers just placed right back in my diaper bag without being in the wet bag.  Yuck…talk about contamination!

On the other side of my tag I put my baby’s name.  In a church nursery setting with many children, it can be easy to confuse diaper bags, especially when each worker is only in the nursery once a month or so.

I attached my tag with a ribbon and a binder ring, but you could tie it directly onto the bag.

Diaper Bag Tag

When I drop my kiddos off at the nursery or to the baby sitter, I can just say, “diaper instructions are on the bag tag.”  I also use this sheet for baby sitter notes, and include diaper instructions there.

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