Friday, September 16, 2011

Obsession Confession: April

It’s been a while since we’ve had an “obsession confession,” so it’s time to get back with it!  To start things off right, April is a mom of multiples!  I love to see moms who use cloth on twins.  It is definitely more work and more of a commitment when you have multiples!

Name: April

Children: 3- Micah (2 years), Elsa, & Miles (2.5 months)


Occupation: Newly SAHM

Where do you live: Oregon

Is your hubby on board with using cloth diapers? Yes! First I had to convince him they'd save money, but now he uses and likes them.

When did you start cloth diapering? Experimented some on my firstborn, but really started two months ago, shortly after the twins were born.

What was your main reason for switching to cloth diapers? Three kids in diapers! Actually, once we decided I'd stay home with the kids it became more of a possibility, since our firstborn's daycare would not do cloth.

Share the short story of how you started using cloth diapers. Bought two on a whim, tried them with my first because he has sensitive skin and paper was always giving him a rash.

What is your favorite brand and style of diapers? Pockets, and I'm a huge fan of Kawaii bamboo minky.


How many diapers are in your stash? 22 pockets, 25 covers, 3 dozen prefolds (Three in diapers, remember!)

Share a blooper or “newbie” story from your cloth diapering experiences. The first time I put a prefold and cover on one of the twins I folded the prefold the long way and it leaked everywhere because it was too bulky from being folded so much on such a tiny baby. It was a mess. I freaked out, then got online and found an image tutorial of how to fold them for newborns.

Do you have a tip to share with others? Test out a variety of brands and styles to find what works for each of your babies.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you started using cloth diapers?  That one-sizes don't actually fit every baby, at least not right away.

What is the greatest issue or problem you’ve had with cloth diapers, and how did you resolve it? Thankfully, nothing big so far!

Regarding cloth diapers, is there anything you would like to know? I wish I knew of an inexpensive, easy way to use cloth at night. Hubby is afraid of it so we still use disposables.

What are your other hobbies, interests, and obsessions? Reading, hiking... my world is all baby right now so there's not time for much else.

What are your favorite blogs and websites? Just discovering the world of blogs, but I like The Connected Mom, and I'm a fan of Freebies4Moms.

Tell us a little about your personality. Quiet, practical, quirky, and creative.

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