Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pre-fold Diaper Storage

I have done many different things to try to organize and “contain” my mess of prefolds throughout the last two years.  I think I finally have a system that I like, so I thought I would share it.  And I would love if you would share your tips, tricks, and systems.  Leave a comment or upload a picture to our Facebook page!

I always use a stay-dry type fleece liner in my prefolds to help prevent diaper rash from wetness.  I like to have the liner ready with the diaper so I only have to grab one thing at the changing table.  I tri-fold my pre-fold diaper, and place the liner on top.  Then I stack all of my prefolds.

Pre-fold storage

Pre-fold storageIn the past I have just stacked the prefolds on my changing table.  Recently I got bins to make everything look nicer.  The bins are not wide enough to allow my prefolds to lay flat.  So I started folding them in half, and I like it a lot!

My bin holds two stacks of prefold diapers.  Then I put the diaper covers in the top.  My Snappi fasteners are stored next to my wipes.

Pre-fold storage

You may also want to see my DIY tip for making your own stay-dry liners.

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