Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thoughts on Cloth Wipes…

homemade wipesAs I was folding my cloth wipes so that they would pop-out of my wipes box, I had a few thoughts.  Perhaps you can benefit from them…

::  I used to only buy/use double thick cloth wipes.  I assumed that two layers of fabric would do the clean-up better.  And while I still prefer my double-thick flannel wipes, a single layer wipe works just as well.  You can still use both sides of the wipe.  And you can probably fit more in your wipes container since they are thinner.  Lately I’ve been using the Planet Wise polk-a-dot wipes, and they do a good job!  They dry quicker also.

DIY Baby Wipes::  Wipes with a serged edge function best.  I made some of my own wipes.  However, I do not own a serger, so I finished the edge with a zig-zag stitch.  While most of these wipes are still in use, the edges are fraying and not holding up as well as I had hoped.

::  You can make your own wipes – buy fabric, or re-purpose receiving blankets, fabric scraps, and t-shirts into wipes.  If you use t-shirt fabric, the edges don’t necessarily need to be finished.  They will not fray, but they will probably roll up on you a lot!

::  I really like the FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes.  They are a little pricey, but I think they are worth the money.  Polar fleece on one side and organic cotton on the other side make these wipes durable yet soft.  They are more gentle, especially if you have a little one with a rash.  The polar fleece also helps them to dry quickly, which is a big plus for people who line dry everything (like me!).

::  We did a stint with disposable wipes right after Nolan’s birth to help cut down on the laundry a bit.  My husband actually wanted them because he thought they would get things more clean.  Now that we are back to using pre-moistened wipes, he told me that he likes the cloth better.  He thinks they clean better and he can get them as wet as he wants to. 

::  I always reach for a cloth wipe to clean up Elaine after meals.  They are all ready to go, with a gentle cleansing soap.  It saves my washcloths for bath time, and keeps me from running to the bathroom to get it wet.

:: I bought a 2 quart pitcher for making wipe solution.  This way I can make a lot of solution at one time, and it is easy to pour over my wipes when I pre-moisten them.  I saved my peri-bottle from the hospital and fill it with solution at the changing table.  Then if I come across a drier wipe, I can easily wet it for immediate use.

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