Monday, August 2, 2010

The Doable Details: Flip One-Size Diaper Cover

Elaine8monthsinFlipDiaper_0002The Flip diapering system is made by bumGenius!.  The Flip cover can be used with the Flip inserts, Flip disposable inserts, or just as a diaper cover over fitted diapers or prefolds.  It is an excellent diaper cover, and one of my favorites!


There are many features that I love about the Flip diaper cover.  First, it is a one-size cover.  There are three rows of three snaps down the front of the cover, allowing you to adjust the rise to small, medium, or large.  This allows you to use the same cover for your baby from 7-35 pounds.  This is an especially great option if you have more than one child in diapers.  You can use the same covers for both of the babies by just adjusting the snaps.  This eliminates the need to purchase multiple covers in multiple sizes.

The Flip diaper cover fastens with snaps, making it very durable.  No velcro/aplix to wear out or make a diaper string in the wash!  The tabs are stretchy, ensuring a great, comfortable fit every time.

There are seven bright and soft colors to choose from in the Flip cover.  They are the same beloved bumGenius! colors such as Zinnia, Ribbit, Moonbeam, Butternut, Blossom, Grasshopper, and Twilight.


The Flip cover was designed so that you just “flip” the insert into the diaper pail, wipe down the cover, and re-use.  I re-use my covers multiple times as long as there is no poop on them.  I still rotate the covers between diaper changes so that the used cover can air out a bit, but then I re-use it at the next diaper change.


You can use the Flip stay-dry insert or organic insert in your Flip cover.  The inserts can be adjusted to the proper size by folding.  The inserts are very similar to a microfiber insert for a pocket diaper.  Just tuck it under the flaps in the cover, snap on your baby, and you’re set.  The micro-suede cover on the stay-dry insert keeps your baby dry.  For trips or outings you can purchase biodegradable disposable liners to just throw away.

While these are great options, my favorite way to use the Flip cover is over a Elaine8monthsinFlipDiaper_0001prefold.  When my daughter was very young and solely breast-fed, I found that if she pooped while wearing the Flip cover with insert, I ended up with poop on the cover and I had to wash it.  However, if I used the prefold and fastened it around her legs, I was able to contain the mess and re-use the cover.  Now that Elaine is older, the Flip inserts are a great choice, as well as just laying a tri-folded prefold diaper down the center of the cover and snapping it on (without a Snappi).  Or, you may choose to use the Flip cover over your favorite fitted diaper! 


Elaine8monthsinFlipDiaper_0003 You can purchase just the Flip cover for $13.95.  If you want to get an insert with your cover, the package starts at $16.95, depending on whether you choose the stay-dry insert, or the organic cotton insert.  Extra inserts are available for $4.95, or $7.95 for organic.  A package of disposable inserts is $4.95.

The Flip system also comes in a Day Pack starting at $49.95.  This kit includes two Flip covers and six inserts.  The Flip system is very easy to use, and great for day-care or care-givers.  Just “flip” the used insert into the dirty pail, and replace with a fresh one, re-using the cover! 

We think you’ll flip over the Flip diapering system by bumGenius!

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We haven't tried Flip...maybe one day :)

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