Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planet Wise Wet Bags are Here!

You may be wondering… “What exactly is a wet bag?”3BagBrochure400   I’m glad you asked!

A wet bag is a zippered bag that has a waterproof inner lining to keep wet, liquid, and messes contained.  Wet bags are ideal for storing soiled diapers on the go, and the larger wet bags can even replace your diaper pail.

Most products, when they are sewn, have tiny holes where the machine needle went through the fabric.  Planet Wise wet bags use an innovative seam sealing technology to completely seal those holes, insuring that no liquid will escape.  Did you get that?  NO LIQUID WILL ESCAPE, even if you fill the bag with water, and squeeze.


Wet bags also help to absorb the odor, so no one will ever know if there are “stinkies” in your bag!

If you choose to use a wet bag for your diaper pail, cleanup is easy!  Just throw it is the washing machine with the rest of your diaper laundry.  (Machine wash and tumble dry low, no bleach).

The Planet Wise Wet bags come in five sizes to meet your every need:WDM_AquaAmbience

  • Mini: 5”x10” – with a zippered dry pouch on the front, great for cloth wipes, cosmetics, etc. 
  • Small: 8"x10" - Holds 1-2 diapers
  • Medium: 13"x16" - Holds 8-9 diapers (I carry this size in my diaper bag)
  • Large: 18"x21"  - holds 16-17 diapers
  • Hanging Wet/Dry Bag: 16.5"x27" – holds 20-24 cloth diapers (this has the zippered dry pocket on the front where you can store clean diapers – perfect for trips!)


Avocado Planet Wise also makes a pail liner which is the same great, PVC free, waterproof fabric with an elastic opening to hold the bag tight on most diaper pails.  There is also a wipes pouch which comes with 10 flannel cloth wipes.WP_BlueDotsV2

Wet bags serve many purposes…above and beyond cloth diapering!  Use them to transport wet swim clothes, gym clothes, cosmetics, shoes, and the list goes on!  Order your wet bag today! 

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