Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inventory Update: bumGenius! & Flip

Now available at Doable Diapers are the bumGenius! 4.0 one size stay-dry pocket diaper, and the Flip diapering system.  For more information on the Flip system, please click here.

RetailFpBloomin355x200 The Flip system can be purchased as a diaper cover only, the Flip system with either stay-dry insert or organic cotton insert, and a day pack.  The day pack includes 2 covers and 4 inserts.  There are also disposable inserts available.

The Flip one size color is my favorite diaper cover, and it works extremely well with prefold diapers. 

BG4DiaperColors112x286We will also be stocking the bumGenius! 4.0 one size diaper.  The 4.0 madeBG4.0SnapSet400x400 several improvements over the popular 3.0 version.  Benefits include new pastel colors, snap closures in addition to aplix, a leak stopper at the front of the diaper, and replaceable elastic.  

New pastel colors include Bubble, Sweet, and Noodle.


BG4SnapOneSizeDiagram288x186Come and check them out on the website, and order yours today!

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