Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rumparooz Have Arrived!

Today my first order of actual diapers arrived!  It was so exciting!  Here is how it went…

First Rumparooz Order Arrives“Hey Mom, the FedEx guy brought this box for us.  Should I put it in the living room?”

First Rumparooz Order Arrives
Let me peel this packing slip off for you.”

First Rumparooz Order Arrives
I don’t understand.  I don’t need any more diapers.  Where are the toys?”

First Rumparooz Order Arrives 
Well, I guess these look okay.  You ordered a lot, didn’t you, Mom?”

First Rumparooz Order Arrives
This diaper store is going to be work than I bargained for.”

First Rumparooz Order Arrives
But Mom is happy, so I am too!”

So… Rumparooz are for sale at Doable Diapers!

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