Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Tips on Diaper Washing & Care


Here are a few tips that may help your diaper washing routine:Diaper Storage

  • Did you know that Ecover is a cloth diaper friendly fabric softener?  Usually fabric softener is not recommended because it can cause buildup and repelling issues on your diapers, but Ecover is a plant-based natural fabric softener.  It is safe to use on your inserts, prefolds, and wipes, etc. 
    *Please note: you should not use Ecover on your PUL products.
  • Do you dry your diapers on the clothesline? I live in a 3rd floor apartment, and I am blessed to have a clothesline out my kitchen window.  I have found this to helpful for hanging up and removing my diapers from the line:First load of diaper laundry on the clothesline
    • As I remove the diapers from the washer, I sort them and place the proper insert & pocket/cover together. 
    • I hang them on the line in this fashion so that when it is time to bring them in I can stuff the insert into the pocket as I go. 
    • It takes a little extra work in the beginning, but it saves digging through a basket full of diapers to match up the covers and inserts.
  • Do your All-in-one (AIO) Diapers take forever to dry?  If your AIO is the type that has a pocket opening, even though the insert is attached, you may find it helps to turn the diaper inside-out before machine or line drying.  The insert will be exposed and dry faster in this manner.
  • Are you having trouble with ammonia smell in your inserts?  My diaper pail definitely gets the ammonia smell, but so far it washes away very well.  However, some people (depending on how hard the water is, etc.) have a difficult time washing that smell out of their diapers.  It has been reported by several people that Tide® detergent lifted the ammonia stench better than the more natural detergents like Rockin’ Green and Country Save.  It’s worth a try!

Hope that helps!  Happy cloth diapering!

Disclaimer: These are only recommendations based on personal experience.  Doable Diapers is not responsible for any damage to your diapers that may result from following these recommendations.

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