Friday, August 20, 2010

Unused Inserts?


Most one size diapers come with two inserts – one large and one small.  For quite a while I have had a pile of these excess inserts sitting on my changing table.  Then today I had an inspiration!

I prefer the one-size Flip diaper cover.  I have several of these, and I usually just Elaine8monthsinFlipDiaper_0001 use them with a prefold diaper and stay-dry liner.  When Elaine was little I would fold the diaper in the angel fold and fasten it with a Snappi.  Now that Elaine doesn’t have as many poopy diapers, I have become rather lazy in my folding.  I now just lay the prefold inside the Flip cover, and snap it on Elaine8monthsinFlipDiaper_0002Elaine.

So my inspiration was this:  I can used my extra inserts in the Flip cover rather than the prefolds.   If I still use a stay-dry liner, it is nearly as good as the Flip inserts that you can buy.  And all of my inserts are in rotation, so they are wearing more evenly. 

Maybe you would have figured this out before, and maybe I should have come to it sooner.  But I thought I would pass it on just the same!

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