Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Multi-Purpose Diaper Sprayer

Mini shower smallYou are probably tired of hearing me talk about my diaper sprayer, but I just really think it is one of the greatest “gadgets” in my house!  In the last couple of weeks I discovered some more uses for my Multi-Purpose Diaper Sprayer, and I thought I would share them!

We went puddle splashing on Saturday.  Elaine doesn’t have rain boots, so we just let her have a ball in her canvas tennis shoes. And let me assure you, she hit every puddle in the park, at least once! Since the rain was fresh and the park was muddy, everything came home with dirt all over it.  I just took my handy diaper sprayer and washed all of the dirt down the drain before chucking them into the washing machine.  Easy peasy!

My husband is a carpenter/wood-worker.  He often comes home with a lot of dust, dirt, and sawdust on his clothes, shoes, and bags.  Every so often I just spray the dirty stuff into the tub or toilet, and then leave them to air dry.

Elaine is becoming very independent, especially when it comes to eating.  Breakfast is often worn all over her pajamas!  If it’s milk and Cheerios, that’s okay – they shake off easy.  But oatmeal?  What a sticky mess!  Nothing that a quick spray from my diaper sprayer can’t handle, though!

Diaper SprayerWays I have used my Diaper Sprayer:

  • Spraying off dirty diapers (of course)
  • Helping to remove rash cream from reusable liners before laundering
  • Spraying off messy clothing
  • Removing dirt and dust from hubby’s items
  • Cleaning the mud off my stroller wheels
  • Rinsing the bathtub before Elaine’s bath
  • Rinsing the bathtub after scrubbing to ensure all cleansing products are removed
  • Spraying out the mop bucket
  • And so much more!

Many of you have shower heads that do the same thing for you.  We have always rented, and have not been blessed with such a shower.  But my versatile diaper sprayer makes cleaning up just about anything super easy!  It is definitely high on my list of must-have accessories for the cloth diapering family!

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