Monday, May 9, 2011

FuzziBunz Needs Your Baby Items to Help Alabama Tornado Victims

From Tereson Dupuy, creator of the FuzziBunz pocket diaper:

As you may know from "Cloth for the Coast" we are a company that does not sit well with disasters that affect the South (and many other areas of the world) and not take action.  

Very recently a storm of tornadoes has hit the South devastating many families, leaving them with nothing and killing many!  

I am fortunate to have a friend and activist that can fly in supplies to the most remote areas to bring supplies to them.  They need baby clothing of any size and any kind!  FuzziBunz has already and will continue to donate diapers and wipe supplies as they have expressed the need for "reusable" and not "disposable" diapers.  

I am asking that any of you that have spare baby clothing please send it ASAP to our distribution center so I can bring it to the pick up location.  Bonnie Shumaker of "Wings of Care" operates out of Louisiana and California in her own plane will pick up and drop off the much needed supplies!  

If you have baby clothing to donate please send it immediately to:

FuzziBunz Diapers
315 Weeks St
New Iberia, LA 70560

We very much appreciate any help that you can give.  We can really help!  Many families down here need it.  

We are in need of clothing donations and would like to get an air delivery out by early next week or this one if at all possible.   These people need a lot of things but one thing we have helped and will continue to help with are baby items such as diapers (which we have donated and will continue to do so) as well as baby clothing which is desperately needed.  Ages newborn to Tween sizes. 

After this week we will be flying these supplies to where they are needed - I am hoping to be able to accompany Bonny on the next flight in to help in whatever way I can - even if it is teaching some of these moms how to use FuzziBunz as many asked for cloth diaper donations and not disposable because there is just no money for them to buy disposables even if they wanted to use them! 

If possible, please mark on the boxes what size range is included so we can sort and re-box the items for transportation.

Thank you for your generosity and help!!!!!

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