Monday, May 16, 2011

Comparing Pocket Openings

I have three main brands of pocket diapers in my stash: FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, and bumGenius!  I like all of these diapers for different reasons.  They all have different features and serve different functions in my cloth diaper routine. 

I love the simplicity of my FuzziBunz, and the fact that there are not a million snaps down the front of the diaper!  Rumparooz are my #1 overnight diaper, and the double gussets are great for containing big messes.  bumGenius! diapers boast stretchy tabs that ensure a perfect fit, every time.

One difference between the three brands is the style of pocket opening.  While they are all pocket diapers (and thus completely customizable), they all have different pocket openings.

-you-know-and-trust-in-pocket-diapers-super-absorbant-insert-patented-fleece-layer-adjustable-snaps-durable-stretchy-leg-elastic-waterproof-outer-layer-imageThe FuzziBunz opening is flush with the waist line in the back.  The gentle fleece fabric usually sticks out of the top of the diaper, and keeps the elastic (though encased) from rubbing on my daughter’s skin.  The opening is generous, making it easy to stuff and un-stuff.  I l.o.v.e. that there is no flap covering the opening!  It really makes clean-up easy when there is no flap to get messy.  I think the FuzziBunz type pocket opening is my favorite.

The Rumparooz pocket opening sits slightly below the waistline onRumparooz Diagram the inside of the diaper.  It is elasticized, yet there is no flap covering the opening.  On occasion, if I am not careful when diapering my baby, the opening will slide down, allowing the insert to touch baby’s skin.  It’s not really a problem, but it’s something to watch.  The opening itself is not extremely wide, but the channel of the pocket on the Rumparooz is wider than that of the FuzziBunz.  This makes it much easier to double stuff when extra absorbency is needed.  When I need a doubler or an extra insert, I reach for my Rumparooz.

BG4HookOpenDiagram288x186The bumGenius pocket opening is also flush with the waistline of the diaper.  Unlike the FuzziBunz and Rumparooz, though, it has a flap covering the opening.  This flap has pros and cons in my book.  It ensures that the insert will never touch the baby’s skin.  It also means that no matter how active your baby is, the insert will never work it’s way out of the pocket (but I have NEVER had that problem with any diaper!).  Yet the flap is more of a con to me..especially wen my daughter poops.  Somehow, she always gets it on the flap.  This means that I have to carefully get my hand inside the messy pocket flap in order to remove the soiled insert prior to washing.  I absolutely despise doing that!  With no flap, you can always shake the insert into the pail if you prefer not to touch the insert at all.

It may seem like a minor difference, but depending on your diapering needs, the style of pocket opening may make a difference in your routine.  Which do you prefer?


Brittany H said...

I'm not quite a mom yet, but thanks for this post. I'm building up a stash while I'm waiting for a baby. I recently bought a rumparooz and I noticed that the insert could easily touch the baby. That's the only thing I'm worried about. That's good to know about the different openings. Have you ever used a sleeve pocket diaper? (one with opening at the front and the back) I'm wondering if this would be a better pocket option?

Minnesota Momma said...

i dont mind the flap so much but i do know what you mean about the mess but i find that my RaR are the worst for poop diapers i hate having to clean the gusset and i always have poop that goes out the back and into the inside of the diaper on my RaR (kid always has soft wet diapers). now i also use velcro on both styles and wish i could take my BG and give it the RaR laundry tabs because they are so scratchy on th BG.

Andrea Hamilton said...

@Higgs Happenings -
Rumparooz are still one of my favorite diapers - they have so many great features! You just have to be sure the pocket opening isn't sagging when your put it on your baby.
I have used sleeve diapers. I didn't prefer them - I don't think they hold the inserts in place well enough, and the insert would stick out one end or the other, leading to many leaks. I destashed my sleeve pocket diapers. The benefit to them is that the insert usually aggitates out in the wash, but that's not a big deal to me.

Katie S said...

Actually I think the bumGenius pocket opening is my favorite and the Fuzzibunz was my least favorite ;) I never tried shaking the insert out anyway. I just don't really have good reasons, I think it was more of a "clean look" that affected my liking. I don't like that the Fuzzibunz fleece is so loose and "unfinished" looking. Weird reason, I know! and for the Rumparooz, I wish the opening were higher and closer to the elastic.

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