Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doable Details: Doopsy Bamboo Velour Fitted Diaper

We recently added to the Doospy One Size Fitted Velour Bamboo Diaper to our line-up at Doable Diapers.  I have not been using fitteds mainly because they contain a lot of layers, and we line dry everything (we don’t have a dryer).  They were very hard for me to get dry, so it just wasn’t worth it for us.  I really wanted to see how the Doopsy would work for us!

I love this Doopsy version of the fitted diaper because the absorbent core snaps out, and there is also a doubler that you can add.  Since the many layers can be easily separately, it is perfect for my situation because it dries fast.

bamboo-velour-fitted-diaperDoopsy One Size Bamboo Velour Fitted Diapers are made of wonderful bamboo viscose and organic cotton fabrics inside and out.  This makes it extremely soft next to Elaine’s skin, and that makes me feel good too!

The snap-in tri-fold insert is made of two layers of bamboo jersey and a layer of bamboo velour. The booster is also made of two layers of bamboo jersey and one layer bamboo velour.

This fitted diaper is a one-size, which is rather unique for a “fitted” (usually sized) diaper.  It is side snapping, and the snaps go all the way around to the back.  This would allow you to get a good fit on a little baby.  There is gently elastic at the waist in both the front and back, as well as soft ruffled leg openings.  You can adjust the absorbency with the snap in insert and the booster/doubler.  (For comparison purposes, my daughter is 18 months and 20 pounds.  She is tall and skinny).


I love this diaper for going “coverless” – it is very absorbent and I always change Elaine before I feel the wetness coming through. I also love the softness.  Even after being line-dried, the bamboo viscose remains luxuriously soft (unlike other bamboo diapers which I have used). 

I think that this diaper is also economically priced for a fitted diaepr.  While many sell for $20-25, the Doopsy is priced at just $14.95. 

I have used it as a nighttime diaper as well when we were out of our normal nighttime diapers.  I used a Flip One Size cover and there were no leaks, though the diaper was very wet in the morning.

Here are some pictures of my daughter in her Doopsy Bamboo Fitted Diaper – she was learning to use a hammer as she “helped” Daddy with a home project!  They are not the best for showing off a diaper, but she moves so fast right now that it is hard to capture a good shot!



If you’ve been wanting to try fitted diapers, you’re looking for a super soft diaper, or you need customized absorbency, then I can recommend the Doopsy One Size Fitted Bamboo Velour Diaper to you!

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