Monday, May 23, 2011

Helpful Links for Tots

I don’t know about you other mommy’s out there, but my little girl (though only 18 months) is very busy, and she picks up on everything.  Lately I have been struggling to keep her busy, and also fit in “teaching” time.  Recently I came across a couple of blogs with tons of helpful ideas, pictures, and free downloads to help me fill this gap.  I thought I would share these valuable resources with you in case you also need some inspiration for working with your little one!

Some of the things are beyond Elaine’s age and capability, but I am saving them for the “later” file.  Some things can be easily adapted to fit her current comprehension level.

I have taught children before, and worked with several different age groups in Sunday School and church activities.  However, I have not really ever worked with the little kids, so I easily find myself at a loss on what to do with Elaine.  Now I feel inspired and motivated!

Busy Bags
Someone had a brilliant idea here!  My Delicious Ambiguity features these activities are housed in a Ziploc bag and designed to keep your tot busy.  Some of them work great for quiet time or to occupy a busy toddler/pre-schooler while you do your own tasks.  Some of them aid in teaching and development.

I loved the idea of using a cookie sheet for magnetized activities.  I am planning to make several of these magnetic busy bags to take on our car trip to NC next week.

Tot Books
1+1+1=1 has designed these simple books go inside a manilla file folder which you cut in half width-wise and fold in to make a book.  With lots of free downloads (for personal and home use) and great themes, you can’t go wrong.  Activities include counting, colors, coloring, and more.  I especially love the Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme, adapted from Eric Carle’s book.

Do you have a particular blog or website you read for ideas and inspiration on teaching your little ones?  Please share! 

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