Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty Training Tip: Double Sheet the Bed

Elaine on Potty ChairOne of the best pieces of advice that I gleaned in my potty training information quest was this little tip.  Whoever came up with is brilliant in my book!  I can’t remember where I read it, or I would give them credit because credit is certainly due!


  • Two (2) waterproof mattress covers.  Tip: I purchased one mattress cover that wraps around the corners of my crib mattress.  Then I bought a flat mattress protector at IKEA for $4.  It doesn’t fit over the corners, but it was much cheaper!
  • Two crib/bed fitted sheets.


When potty training at night, double sheet the bed.  Make up the crib/bed with a Sewing Projectswaterproof mattress cover and then a sheet.  On top of it place another waterproof mattress cover and another sheet. 

If there is a nighttime accident, all you have to do is rip off the soiled sheet and mattress cover.  The bed will already be made with the other set of sheet/cover, and it will be much easier to put your little one back to bed.  You won’t have to dig up the clean sheets and try to re-make the bed in your half asleep state!

Now why didn’t I think of that?

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