Monday, January 16, 2012

Potty Training Tip: Overnight Suggestions

Once your child is ready to give up night time diapers and sleep in underwear/trainers, you may find some of these suggestions helpful.  If you have a super-soaker, you may need to employ some of these suggestions at naps too.

ecoposh_TP_4_bambooI already shared that I like the Eco-Posh trainer for added absorbency and the hidden TPU layer for waterproof-like protection.  I also suggested using a wool cover to boost your absorbency.

If you need even more absorbency, try using the newborn portion of a Rumparooz 6R soaker.  It is contoured to fit between the legs and will lay inside your Eco-Posh trainer just perfectly, adding 3 thirsty layers to protect your toddler.  Be sure to use bamboo (preferred, for softness) or hemp.  DO NOT use a microfiber insert laid in the trainers, as it will dry out your toddler’s skin.

Maybe you want a little extra wetness protection, but you don’t think you need as much as adding a bamboo insert.  Try using a gauze diaper doubler.  This 4-inch wide strip has several layers of absorbent cotton (just like a prefold diaper), but it is thin and trim.  It is also a very economical choice, costing just $1 each.  It will lay in the crotch of your trainers easily without adding much bulk.  This is what I use for Elaine at bed time right now.  Then we add the wool cover.

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