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Eco-Posh Recycled Organic Trainer–review and giveaway

img_2942I really can’t say enough good about this product!  I was really hoping that Elaine would potty train after the holidays so that I could compare the Eco Posh Trainer with the Flip Trainers.  Since that didn’t work out, we ended up using a combination of Gerber training pants, little girl undies, and the Eco Posh Trainer.  I have no complaints and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is potty training their toddler!
The Eco Posh comes in three sizes: small (1T/2T; 25-35 lbs.), medium (2T/3T; 35-45 lbs.), and large (3T/4T; 45+ lbs.). I knew Elaine would need the small because she is a tiny little girl.
At first the trainers had a little gap around the leg openings on Elaine.  When she had an accident she would have some leak out the legs into the floor.  However, I believe it is because the trainers were not fully prepped.  They need to be washed and dried 10 times to be fully absorbent, but the manufacturer states that you can begin using them after 5 washes.  From Kanga Care:
PREPPING TRAINER: Wash 5X in hot water (no detergent) with a cold rinse, tumble dry medium.  This will shrink trainers to appropriate size and "sponge" up fabric for maximum absorbency.  (Trainers will be at their fullest absorbency after 10 washes but may begin use after 5 washes.)
Because these trainers are made from recycled water bottles, there will be a little bit of shrinkage when they are dried in a dryer.  For this reason I would recommend line drying them after they are fully prepped.  Alternatively, you could just place them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, and then finish air drying.
The trainers are slightly more bulky that Gerber trainers, but not so much that Elaine felt like she was wearing a diaper.  She called them her panties, so I know she thought they were the same as her other undies.
img_2945The Eco Posh trainers are made from bamboo, recycled water bottles, and organic cotton.  The have a soft jersey cotton feel. There are two layers of highly absorbent bamboo and organic cotton.  There is also a hidden layer of TPU to help contain wetness in the case of an accident (but this layer is not fully waterproof).  The Trainers come in 5 soft and earthy colors – Peace, Love, Biscuit, Bamboo, and Ginger.
I like the wide elastic at the waist of the trainers.  Many times products with an elastic waist have a tendency to bunch and twist.  With the wide elastic we didn’t experience these problems.
These trainers are great!  I relied on them a lot in the early days when Elaine was more accident prone.  If there was even a possibility that we wouldn’t have access to a potty, then we used the Eco Posh trainers.  They are not a diaper, so they are not thick and bulky.  Yet they can absorb quite a bit, so when accidents happen you are covered.
When Elaine first began potty training, she wore diapers when we left the house.  When we decided that she was “trained enough” to wear undies out, then she got to wear the Eco Posh trainers.  They pull up and down like panties, but they gave me absorbency peace of mind. 
After Elaine started having a dry diaper for naptime several days in a row, we let her start wearing the trainers to bed for naps.  She hasn’t had an accident!  She is now waking up dry or barely wet in the mornings, so we have started letting her wear the trainers to bed also. 
For added peace of mind, I used an Eco Posh wool cover over the trainers when we left the house, and now for night times.  The wool cover pulls up and down like undies, and provides a little extra wetness protection.
We have four Eco Posh trainers in our stash.  I think that 4-6 would be a good number to have if you are coupling them with other potty training products.  I used the Gerber trainers when we were at home and didn’t need the absorbency protection factor as much. 
We saved the trainers for outings, naps, and nights, and we wash them with our diapers every 3 days.  I let mine air dry.  They can take a bit of time to dry (depending on your climate) because they have several layers sewn together.
The only trick to these is the care.  I don’t consider it to be any more difficult that caring for other cloth diapers.  However, because they contain the recycled materials you do have to be vigilant to be sure you use the proper detergent.  From Kanga Care:
Detergent: Please ONLY use a Kanga Care Recommended Detergent. Use of alternative detergents may cause natural fibers to be eaten away and can disintegrate elastic. Do not use detergents that are "Free & Clear" or contain fabric softeners. Fragrances may cause irritation, discontinue detergent brand if irritation occurs. Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softeners or drier sheets. Do not soak. Do not soak trainers in detergent or any laundry additives for removing stains, odor or buildup. If staining, odor or buildup occurs, make sure you are using a detergent that contains enzymes. Please visit our care page for more detailed care information and a list of recommended laundry detergents.
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