Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disposable Diaper Kills Family Pet

This is a copy (used by permission) of the Facebook status of a fellow retailer, Beth M.  She writes on the dangers of disposable diapers, from a sad and personal experience.

diaperscrop“It has been a rough day here at our house. I have had Grace in disposable diapers the last two days while I did a thorough strip on my cloth. We had a disposable diaper sitting on our night stand in our room and yesterday while we were at work our dog tore it up and digested some of it.

Last night we noticed her bleeding from her mouth and thought she bit her tongue. Cleaned her up and it seemed to have stopped. We woke up this morning to find her covered in blood and that she made a mess during the night all over our room. Took he to the vet to find out she did not have any cuts in her mouth.

After lab work and an x-ray we discovered that the diaper she had gotten into the day before was expanding in her stomach and intestine and caused a blockage that was causing internal bleeding into he...r liver and kidneys and she had lost a lot of blood and was very weak. After discussing her slim chances to being strong enough to have surgery and the slimmer chances of making in through the surgery we had to decide to have her put down this morning.

It was a very hard day and not something we thought we would have to do to our dog who was very healthy just yesterday morning!!!! And remember this was not a dirty diaper that was left out. A clean diaper on the nightstand. How many of us keep diapers there for during the night. Or in a diaper bag or diaper stacker etc where our pets could easily get to them!

I always knew the chemicals in disposable diapers and chose cloth for this reason but never imagined the chemicals in one would kill my dog! Ugh time to head to bed. It has been a long stressful day.”

Disposable diapers are common, household items in the majority of homes with babies.  Do people really know what those chemicals could do…to their pets, or worse – their babies, if ingested? 

Let’s all learn from this sad story.  Beth, thanks for sharing and we’re sorry for your family’s loss. 

Just one more reason to choose cloth… 

Folding diapers


Andrea Hamilton said...

BTW, the diapers were Up & Up from Target. An incident report has been filed with the company.

JoAnna said...

As a veterinarian I feel that I should point out that it was probably not the chemicals in the diaper that led to this dog's death. Any foriegn object a dog swallows can cause blockage or rupture and lead to death. Although in this case it was probably made worse by the fact that the diaper expanded (which can also happen when uncooked yeast dough or gorilla glue is ingested), it is important to remember that even if you dog eats a cloth diaper it could certainly cause blockage or rupture (as could ingested socks, burp rags, or towels) Therefore it is important to keep a close eye on your dogs and cats and try to keep things they might chew on out of reach. (Just like for a toddler!)

So sorry to hear of this tragic situation. It is always incredibly difficult to lose a pet.

Carrie Phelps said...

This made me cry! I'm so sorry for you & your dog, this is terrible. I plan to share this on FB. I hope you don't mind.

Christine said...

This is so sad! I feel so bad for the family (and dog) :(

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