Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Magic Snob

babymagicConfession: I’m a Baby Magic snob.  I just don’t think that anything compares to the soft sweet scent of a baby just bathed in Baby Magic body wash and then lathered with original Baby Magic lotion.  I’m such an addict that I buy it in packages of six bottles on Amazon.  And Johnsons & Johnsons will never come close!  So I splurge on Baby Magic and I won’t use anything else!

It all started when both my mom and mother-in-law asked me if I was using “Baby Magic” on my newborn.  I had never heard of it.  In disbelief my mom ran out to the store to bring home a giant bottle of the wonderful lotion.

“What does that have to do with cloth diapers?” you may be wondering.  Well, it’s like this.  I make my own wipe solution for my cloth wipes. 

Throughout the last 21 months I have used a variety of cloth wipe methods – pre-moistened wipes in a pop-up container, dry wipes with a spray bottle {only on occasion}, and a foaming wipe solution.  My wipe solution uses baby shampoo along with baby oil and sometimes essential oils.  And for the 21 months I have been “using up” my Johnsons & Johnsons and store brand baby shampoo in my wipe solution.  {Yes.  I really did receive that much baby wash as gifts for my first baby.  I re-gifted the lotion.}

Now I have only two bottles of baby wash in my bathroom.  One is Baby Magic, and the other is a foaming pump that I use to make my own foaming baby wash. 

My husband recently asked me to go back to pre-moistened wipes.  I mixed up a 2 quart pitcher of solution with my precious Baby Magic bath wash.

As I was changing Nolan’s diaper the other day, I got a whiff of the sweet Baby Magic smell {but I didn’t realize it was coming from my cloth wipes}.  I thought, “Wow.  He smells good considering it is not bath day.”  When I finally realized that the lovely aroma was coming from my wipes container, I wondered why I didn’t use Baby Magic for wipes before. 

You should try Baby Magic.  You will never look back!

*Note…this is a pure personal preference/recommendation.  I was not paid to “advertise” for Baby Magic products.


Connie said...

Is it safe to wash the wipes with your cloth diapers, since they have baby magic on them? Just wondering.

Andrea Hamilton said...

Connie - that's a great question. I have always used some sort of baby wash/baby shampoo in my wipe solution, and I have never had a problem. There is only a small amount because you use so little shampoo in the water and then use it to moisten a lot of wipes. I think it just rinses clean in the prerinse. I don't have hard water, so I don't know if that could complicate things.

Unknown said...

What is your solution recipe?

Unknown said...

What is your solution recipe?

Andrea Hamilton said...

I use 4 cups hot water, 3 Tbsp. shampoo, and 2 Tbsp. baby oil (some use olive oil). I double it to fill my 2 qt. pitcher.

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