Friday, August 12, 2011

Nuts About Eco Nuts

…a guest post by Carrissa Stalcup from Gastonia, NC

Eco_Nuts_Med_Box_Soap_Nuts_jpg_w300h311We sent Carrissa some Eco Nuts to try on her diaper laundry.  She has had problems in the past with “stinkies,” and has been using Rockin’ Green on her cloth diapers.  Here is what she had to say about Eco Nuts:

“They really work!  I was shocked. They worked better than Rockin’ Green.  My hubby loves no scent on the clothes, because he thinks it covers up stink.  He fell in love instantly.  It is not a stain remover, so keep that in mind, but it got our whites really, really white.  We also love the fact that it does not harm the environment.  We would switch over completely, but the price is not lower than our current laundry soap.”


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