Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly Report: Cloth Diapering at Two Months

Master Nolan is now two months old!  Why does the time fly by so quickly when they are little and cuddly, yet it drags by when they are in the terrible twos? 

Anyway, I thought I would let you know about cloth diapers on a two month old.  Nolan is now on the “small” (one row of snaps showing) Rumparooz rise setting.  Today I had to let out the waist on his FuzziBunz one size diapers.  I also packed away the newborn prefolds and covers.  Nolan wears the small size prefold with a Snappi and  Rumparooz One Size Cover on the small rise setting.


We are using primarily pocket diapers.  I have enough pockets now that I am not changing Nolan every 2 hours.  I change him at every feeding, and if he poops.  I pull out the prefolds if I get behind in my diaper laundry!

Nolan in OS Rumparooz Cover

Nolan slept through the night every night last week (7+ hours each night).  I just used a Rumparooz pocket diaper with both inserts.  The microfiber is plenty absorbent for him at this point.  He has worn an Eco Posh Fitted diaper and Wool Cover to bed several times.  I just don’t like to have the dampness of a fitted diaper against his skin for so long.  My first choice for overnight diapering is a pocket with either hemp or bamboo insert, but Nolan doesn’t need that much absorbency yet.


At this age, my daughter was wetting very heavily at night, so we used bamboo or hemp fitteds, or a Rumparooz pocket with hemp inserts.

We also went back to cloth wipes now that I feel like I have my routine under control slightly better.  Two little ones is a lot to keep up with!  As mentioned earlier this week, my husband requested that we go back to pre-moistened wipes, so that is what we are doing for now.

I will say that my preference is leaning toward Rumparooz diapers right now.  I didn’t know about Rumparooz with Elaine at this age.  I love the gussets for catching the runny EBF poo!  I have only had a couple of leaks total, so it’s not like my FuzziBunz don’t work.  However, without the gussets the poo is usually right there ready to come out the leg openings.  I’m also struggling to find “Nolan’s setting” on the FuzziBunz so the Rumparooz are just a little easier. My husband prefers the Rumparooz because of the vertical snaps on the waist, and no hip snaps to worry about.

For comparison purposes, Nolan is almost 13 pounds.

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