Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers and Day Care

…a guest post by Victoria from i am vika

tumblr_lpm6baTdKf1qz93abo1_500Hi, my name is Victoria and I'm a mom to a rambunctious 8 month old, Natalya.

Before Nat was born, I wasn't planning to use cloth diapers. Honestly, I didn't really have a plan at all. None of my friends had babies, so I did a whole lot of reading (blogs, books, research, etc). I don't really remember how the whole topic of cloth diapering came about, but my husband was on board from day one.

A couple of months before Nat's due date, we even took a cloth diapering class at our local cloth-diapering store. Weeks after the class, we managed to forget everything we learned. Right around that time, we also started looking for daycare.

There were a handful of daycares that we interviewed. One of the questions I asked was whether they would use cloth diapers with our baby. None of the daycares were familiar with cloth diapers but they all said yes. Husband and I decided on in-home-daycare. We told them all about the cloth diapers and they said that they'll try it out. Boy, are they sorry now!

Nat started wearing cloth diapers around 4 weeks and she started daycare at 8 weeks. At that time, I was still experimenting with different types of diapers - pockets, Flip, Econobum, and GroVia AI2. I only had about 10 or so diapers and sent them all to daycare. I expected a few to come back unused, none did. I was happy that they were using them, nonetheless. Pretty quickly, I realized that unless I wanted to do laundry every night, I needed to build my stash. 

I bought a few more Econobum covers and GroVia AI2 and AIO diapers off the different swap boards. I also took advantage of the "seconds" sales.


A few months later, I was chatting with one of the daycare teachers and she said that they just met with a family who asked if the daycare would be ok with cloth diapers. You know what the daycare said? No.

Once it started to get hot, another problem arose. The daycare said that they needed a way to keep dirty diapers contained so they don't stink up the entire house. Quickly, I found a couple of WAHMs who made me individual sized wet bags which I now send daily to daycare. They're actually pretty handy to have around for anything, baby related or not.


So far the daycare's happy. Their only concern now is, what will happen when Nat's a toddler? Will the diapers leak? I guess we'll figure it out when time comes. Right now, I'm just happy that they're willing to work with us.

Vika is a first-time mom to the most beautiful 9-month old girl and a wife to the most handsome man she knows. She works full-time, studies part time, and cooks sporadically. She spends every free moment with her daughter Nat in one hand and a camera in another. Be sure to stop by her blog, i am vika!


Andy said...

This is how I felt too as a first time Dad. It takes some time, but you get used to it.

Andy said...

It takes some getting used to, but cloth diapers are worth it to the cost conscious and people looking to keep needless waste out of landfills.

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