Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Wool Primer, Part 2


guest post by Marah Mumma

Read Part 1: Facts About Wool


The Wool Primer #2: Types of Wool Products

clip_image002There are lots of different types of wool products. Wool products can be used in place of a regular cloth diaper covers over fitted diapers, prefolds, and/or flats.

Wool Cover
Wool covers are very similar to covers made from PUL. They can have snap or Velcro closures. Wool covers come in both sized and one size versions.

Examples: Little Beetles Organic Merino Wool Cover, Little Beetles Little to Big Organic Merino Wool Cover, Imse Vimse Wool Wraps, Swaddlebees Merino Wool Diaper Cover, Baby BeeHinds Wool Wrap Diaper Cover.

Wool Soaker/Pull-On
clip_image003Wool soakers don’t have snaps or Velcro.  Rather, they pull on like a pair of pants or shorts.  Wool soakers are sized.  Soakers can also be hand knit or made from recycling old wool sweaters.

Examples: Disana Organic Merino Wool Pull-On, Kissas Wool Lovers wool diaper cover, LANAcare Merino Wool Pull-On, Kissaluvs Wool Diaper Cover, Tiny Tush Wool Soaker Diaper Cover, Sustainablebabyish knit wool covers.

Wool Longies

clip_image004Just like wool soakers, wool longies don’t have snaps or Velcro. They are just like a pair of pants, but made from wool. Wool longies are sized and some come in different lengths. Longies can also be hand knit or made from recycling old wool sweaters.

Examples: Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Longies, Little Beetles Organic Merino Wool Pants, Disana Merino Wool Leggings, LANAcare Merino Wool Pants.

Stay tuned for Part 3 – Caring for Wool!

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