Monday, March 7, 2011

Questions from the Readers: When to “Size Up” Your Diapers

Sometimes there is a question that comes to me through a web-site comment, a blog comment, a survey, or an email.  Maybe there are more people who have that same question, so as they come in I would like to take a moment to answer them.

Today’s question came from the Obsession Confession survey, from Lindsey:

“How do you know when to size up your One-Size diapers?”

I never thought about it before, but that is a great question.  Elaine 12 Weeks in DiaperThere is a little bit of trial and error in getting just the right fit with your cloth diapers.  And it will likely be different from brand to brand.  Here are some things that I use as a guide in knowing when to size up my one size diapers.

1.  Rise – the diaper should come about to your baby’s belly button.  If it is lower, you should probably let out the rise a bit.  You can do this by adjusting the rise snaps (ex: Rumparooz) or the adjustable leg elastic (ex: FuzziBunz). 

2.  Fit around the legs – if the diaper is too tight or too loose around the legs, it is time to change the size.  With loose leg openings you could have leaks.  If the legs are too tight you will probably leave red marks on baby’s skin.

Elaine 8 months in Flip Diaper3.  Fit around the waist – you want to be able to get a snug fit (but not too tight) around the waist.  If you are having a hard time fastening the diaper on your baby, then it is time to size up so there is more room.  Also, if you notice red marks on your baby’s waist, you are probably snapping the diaper too tight, and you should move “out” on the snaps toward the edge.  Don’t let the diaper get too loose around the waist, or you will have leaks.

4.  Check the sizing chart – as your baby grows and gains weight, check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and adjust your diaper accordingly.  I don’t notice it when Elaine gains weight because it happens slowly.  So I check the chart after our well visits – when Elaine has been weighed at the doctor’s office.  Then I know how much she has grown, and I can adjust the diapers if I need to.  Keep in mind that sizing charts are just a guide.  Every baby is built differently, and you may need to tweak it a little – especially with adjustable elastic diapers.

5.  Leaks – if you are having leaks then your diaper is likely too big or too small.  Change the setting and try again.  This is where the trial and error comes into play.

Elaine 6 months diaper laundry6. Overnights – Your overnight diapers may need to be set one size larger to accommodate the extra absorbency pads you stuff into it.  I use Rumparooz one size diapers at night.  If I am using a trim hemp insert, I leave it on the current setting.  If I am using a double stuffed microfiber insert, then I open the diaper’s rise up to allow for the extra cushion.

7.  Red marks – it has been alluded to, but if your diapers are leaving red marks then they are likely set too small, or fastened too tightly.

I hope that helps a little bit.  What do you use as a guide to know when to size up your diapers?  Leave a comment and share your wisdom with other readers!

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Cindy said...

The only way I don't get leaks when she poops is to put on a cover and prefold. These particular covers leave red marks on her legs, though. Does this mean they're too small? Everything else I've tried doesn't fit well enough in the legs to prevent her leaking. Any advice?

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