Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Rumparooz Warehouse

I was finally able to visit the Rumparooz warehouse and showroom!  Today my mom, Elaine, and I drove out to Golden to take a tour. I met some of the staff members that I have worked with via phone and email.  I also learned a little bit more about the production of Rumparooz, the growth of the company, and some new products that are in the works.  I had hoped to meet Julie Ekstrom, the creator of Rumparooz, but she was in a meeting when I arrived.


The Kanga Care offices and warehouse are located in Golden, Colorado.  They are in the process of expanding into even more space where they will be able to “house” more diapers to ship to their growing list of retailers around the world.

The Rumparooz diaper covers have been completely successful, and they are sold out of all the prints and nearly all the colors.  These bins are where the covers were stored while waiting to be shipped to retailers like Doable Diapers.  As you can see, many of them are empty!  The covers with snaps were the most popular, so there are still some available in aplix closures.

The boxes in the back are all One Size diapers in various colors and prints.

I learned that last year Rumparooz (under the parent company, Kanga Care) doubled in size, and they are anticipating doing the same again this year.  They really do have an amazing product that is in great demand among cloth diapering parents.

Mike, the wholesale manager, gave us a tour and explained the production process a little bit.

Me and Elaine with Mike

PICT0174Here are the Rumparooz Doll Diapers.  These came about after Julie visited the manufacturing factory in China and discovered that the scraps were just the right size to create doll diapers.  Elaine likes her baby doll diapers, so I’m glad that Julie is so creative!

I was also able to see (yes – touch and feel) the prototypes for several new products that are in the lineup for this year.  Among them are a bamboo 6R soaker/insert, a bamboo fitted diaper in newborn and one size, and a wool diaper cover.  These products are still in the testing stages, but I am very excited for them to be produced!  The bamboo and wool products will be organic, and they will comprise a new line called “Eco-Posh”. 

PICT0171It was so much fun to look around and be surrounded by diapers in fun colors and prints.  Maybe one day Doable Diapers will have a store/showroom also where our products can be displayed like this!

Elaine and me in the showroom at Kanga Care

If you haven’t ever used a Rumparooz product, you really must give them a try.  There are so many features that I love, and the Rumparooz is definitely one of my favorite cloth diapers!


Tandy and Jeff said...

I would looooooove to visit a cloth diaper warehouse/manufacturing!! Looks like it was pretty neat!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing! I just bought my first RaR, and am excited to try it!!

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