Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of Town…but still open for business!

vacationJust wanted to let you all know that I am headed to Colorful Colorado for a week to visit my folks.  I’m looking forward to some fresh mountain air and a little space…every once in a while you just gotta get out of the City!

You can still place you order with Doable Diapers.  My husband will be filling all orders in the evenings after work.  He knows almost as much about cloth diapers as I do (but don’t tell the guys).  That said, it may take an extra day for your package to ship.  I will still be blogging and checking email while out of town, so if you need anything you can still get in touch with me!

In addition to seeing my parents and grandparents (and dining at Chick-fil-A), I’m particularly looking forward to one aspect of this trip…a visit to the Rumparooz showroom and warehouse in Golden, Colorado!  Stay tuned for more details and pictures later.

This will be a big trip as I am travelling alone, being six months pregnant, with a 16 month old, and she will be sitting in my lap.  I’m sure I will learn even more about traveling with cloth diapers (yes…we are taking our cloth with us).  I’ll post more on that later too!

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