Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, yesterday we headed back to the pediatrician because Nolan’s rash isn’t much better.  He’s been on a prescription cream for a fungal/yeast rash for two weeks without any improvement.  He has some new blisters too, and the doctor said they aren’t fungal, but she’s not sure what they are.

Central Park Zoo

We are now using an antibiotic cream, and then zinc oxide as a barrier cream.  I selected the Aveeno diaper rash ointment this time because it has some natural oat complexes in it to help sooth the skin.  We have also been referred to a dermatologist to find out more about the cause of the rash.

Nolan feeds the goats jpgThis is Nolan feeding the goats…and himself…at the Central Park Zoo last week!

I really like my kids’ doctor.  She is knowledgeable and didn’t immediately say, “You need to throw out your cloth diapers and use disposable until Nolan is potty trained.”  She did inquire to make sure that we had disinfected them.  Though she asked if we used bleach, she said that the tea tree oil was a perfectly acceptable substitute. {I was glad to learn that my research results were correct}.

So while it seems as if I have killed the yeast in my diapers, the doctor asked me to switch to disposables until we get the rash cleared up and determine the cause for sure.

He is definitely in more pain now, and he runs away when I mentioned changing his diaper.  He doesn’t like to be wiped, or to get in the bath right now because of the rash.  Here’s to hoping we get it cleared up soon!


Linda R. said...

When my daughter had a nasty rash. I would use coconut oil and Caldesene baby powder until her rash cleared up then i would go back to using cloth diapers.

LC said...

Sorry you are going through this. When my son was in diapers he had a time when he developed a rash that wouldn't clear up. Eventually did of course. It was miserable to deal with at time time.

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