Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Rid of the Yeast Rash

Right now Nolan has what my doctor called a “fungal-y rash” which is caused by yeast.  I can’t remember if Elaine ever had a yeast rash, but I know I didn’t strip her diapers because of it.

Nolan’s rash is going on 3 weeks.  I am contemplating taking him back in because it’s not getting too much better.  We are talking blisters that keep breaking open, and it-hurts-so-bad-he-won’t-sit-down-in-the-bath kind of rash.  The heat and humidity that keeps him warm and moist isn’t helping much either.

So I began researching methods to strip the yeast from my diapers, to ensure that I don’t re-contaminate him and cause the rash to come back.  What I found was a myriad of conflicting information!

Some mamas said only bleach kills yeast.  Others said bleach doesn’t work.  Diaper manufacturer’s don’t recommend bleach…unless there is yeast.  I also found lots of “laundry cocktails” with complicated systems of wash, rinse, rinse, wash, rinse, and other methods “guaranteed” to eliminate the yeast.  How do they know?

So I contacted Rumparooz since they make up much of my diaper stash.  I also know they have spent a lot of money on detergent research, etc. and I trust what they have concluded.  Well…sort of.  In the end I decided to try a more natural method first, before I resort to bleach.

Here is what Rose at Kanga Care told me to do:

“A yeast infection in cloth diapers can certainly become a problem!  Here is what we recommend:

  • Fill a container (about shoe box size) with 2 inches of cold water 1/2 cup bleach.  {I did clarify that this is regular bleach – NOT oxygenated bleach}
  • Submerge diaper for 1 minute. 
  • Repeat with all affected diapers and inserts (make sure it squish inserts to get them fully saturated)
  • Wash diaper in machine using cold wash/cold rinse - no detergent. Repeat 3 times.
  • Wash diapers in machine using hot wash/cold rinse - with detergent.
  • Do 3 rinse cycles. If you still smell bleach, run cold wash/cold rinse 3 more times.
  • We hate recommending bleach, but it really is the one and only way to kill the yeast bacteria. 

She also emailed some tips to remember…

  • Use cold water with bleach!
  • Only submerge diapers for one minute!
  • Wash diapers immediately following bleach!

The customer service lady at Cotton Babies also said that they only recommend bleach, and that the outer PUL portion of the pockets should be color safe.  They do not recommend bleach on a regular basis, and usually you should only use it on inserts…except in the case of yeast.

I have to confess… I hate bleach.  Being a natural klutz, I have ruined many a shirt with that stuff.  I don’t like to even have it in the house…I don’t buy cleaning products with bleach, and I don’t want the kids to accidentally get into it.  I did find a couple of other suggestions which I am trying first, before I resort to bleach.  Come back next week and explore some more options with me!

Have you ever had a yeast rash?  What method did you choose to disinfect your diapers?

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