Monday, August 27, 2012

Eliminating Yeast the Natural Way: Tea Tree Oil

As I mentioned on Friday, we have been battling a yeast rash.  After deciding to put off the bleaching of my diapers, I decided to try two other “natural” options first.

img_5907The first method was recommended by several bloggers.  They said to use tea tree oil in a cold wash cycle.  I had some tea tree oil on hand, for using in herbal remedies.  All About Cloth Diapers recommends 3-4 drops for a front loader, and 4-6 drops for a top loader. 

I used about 8 drops with my top loader water setting on high. I started with my normal wash cycle, so that I would be beginning with clean diapers. 

I did a cold rinse, turned the water level down to do a hot rinseTide for Diapers with 2 Tbsp. of Tide, and then a cold rinse.  Now that my diapers were clean I added about 8 drops of tea tree oil to a short cold wash.  I followed the rinse with an additional rinse. 

My kids seem to have somewhat sensitive bums…tea tree or lavender essential oils in the wipe solution makes them break out.  I wanted to be sure to rinse completely.

Then I hung my diapers to dry in the sun for about 6 hours.  Now – my diapers get nice and clean with the Tide detergent.  But I couldn’t believe how much more white they were after this process.  I normally hang them to dry outside unless it is raining, so I am assuming this was the tea tree oil.

And…if I only used 8 drops in a top loader completely full of water, I think that there is no way you need 3-4 drops of this stuff in your wipe solution!  That is powerful tea tree oil!  No wonder my little guys bum doesn’t like it in the wipes!

I used this method in two different loads to be sure I had disinfected all of my diapers.  I am considering adding a tea tree wash cycle to my diaper routine once a month, just to keep them fresh and white!

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