Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking Cloth on the Road: Disposable Liners

This past weekend my brother got married in North Carolina.  Since we live in Brooklyn, NY, the big event meant a road trip!  It was really a whirlwind trip for my little family.  My husband took time off without pay, so we had five days for this trip – and only one of them did not involve travel!  Using disposables on vacation has never been an option that we have considered, and especially not for such a short time frame.

Flushable LinersI packed all of my pocket diapers, my hybrid, a couple of pre-folds (just in case), and my overnight diapers.  I had enough for about three days.  I packed some detergent and an extra wet bag so I could do one load of diapers in the coin washer at the hotel.  My diaper bag also included my cloth wipes, foaming wipe solution, and rash cream (also just in case).  This time we added something new to the bag – flushable liners.

I learned on my last trip home that cloth diapering without a diaper sprayer is no fun.  Being in hotels and public rest stops for the majority of this trip meant public toilets.  While I despise “dunking” on a normal day, it is even worse in a public toilet.  I wanted to really put these liners to the test.

They worked!  Well…when I remembered to put them in the diaper!  My poor hubby was changing the diaper when we encountered the first poopy diaper of the trip.  And silly me, I had forgotten the liner.  After that he asked me at every diaper Flusable Liners no pkgchange if I had used the liner. A couple of times I forgot again, but for the most part we used a liner in every diaper.  This saved our sanity when Elaine did her “#2” jobs, and also allowed me to use rash cream occasionally without worrying about ruining my diapers.

The liners look rather like a dryer sheet, and they feel sort of flimsy.  They come in a roll like paper towels. I wasn’t sure that they would hold up to a messy diaper.  But every time I was able to just flip the liner into the toilet, and there was no residue left behind on my diapers.

I would highly suggest taking a roll of disposable/flushable liners with you when you take your cloth diapers on the road – whether it is by air or by car, for the day or a long vacation.  It will make cleanup sooooo much easier!

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Sandra said...

since I don't have a bathroom upstairs (we're renovating), and don't own a diaper sprayer (yet) I love using disposable liners. It's such an easy clean up, except for large runny poop. Then things get a little bit messy.

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