Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprise Delivery Sponsors

I neglected to tell you all of the sponsors before the Surprise Delivery event started…so here it is!

exploraCupsMastheadTomee Tippee – Explora Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cups

iusb_760x100_7278996[7]My Eco Baby – Wool Soaker

Rockin’ Green  - REMIX detergent

195815_129812660326_932387_nTEA collection – $50 gift certificate

iusb_760x100_8562886Marine Parents the Shop – $15 gift certificate

50554_274987485226_4925368_nBaby Bond – Nursing Cover

Doable Diapers Button PNGDoable Diapers

Some of these reviews and giveaways will come after the baby is born, so stay tuned for more fun!

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