Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Eco Baby–Wool Soaker Review

I was very excited when Gabriela from MyEcoBaby agreed to be a sponsor for the Surprise Delivery Event.  I have been thinking about venturing into wool diaper covers for a while, but I haven’t taken the plunge. 


About the shop…
Gabriela  is a mom of three boys.  She loves Etsy, coffee, and recycled & repurposed eco-friendly items.  That’s why she makes upcycled wool soakers from old sweaters.  Not only are they eco-friendly, and handmade, but they are adorable with unique appliques on the rump!  Check out some of her cute designs:

Wool Medium Soaker with Owl

Cashmere/Wool Newborn Soaker with Lady Bug

Wool/Cashmere Medium Soaker with Airplane

You can even request a custom design!  Gabriela offers five sizes of soakers:

  • Newborn 0-3 months/7-14 lbs.
  • Small 3-6 month/11-20 lbs.
  • Medium 6-12 month/15-27 lbs.
  • Large 12-24 month/22-35 lbs.
  • XLarge 24 month-2T

There are specific measurements listed in each product description so you can ensure that you get the right size and a great fit!

What we received…
Elaine was sent this green and white wool soaker with a flower applique.  Based on her measurements, we chose a medium soaker.  It is just a smidge big in the waist, but that is a common problem for Elaine!


Because we don’t have a dryer, I don’t have a lot of fitted diapers in my stash.  Fitteds would be best underneath these wool shorties.  We used our Doopsy Bamboo fitted, as well as prefolds with a Snappi.  I love the way Elaine looked when she was running around in her shorties!  I also appreciate the added doubler that Gabriela sews into all of her soakers.  It ensures absorbency in the wet zone.

My Review…

Elaine and wool soakerAs this is my first encounter with wool, I know I still have a lot to learn!  There are extra steps in the care of wool soakers as you need to use a wool wash (we chose to use Eucalan), and you need to lanolize the soaker. 

I like the breathable properties of wool, especially for the summer.  We have used our soaker several times overnight.  Elaine did have a leak one time, but I think it is because I need to lanolize the cover.  For overnight use, I would also prefer a soaker with no applique on the bum.  However, for day use I love the cute designs offered by MyEcoBaby!

I think that the soakers offered by MyEcoBaby are adorable.  I love the handcrafted appliques!  I also appreciate that these soakers are made from recycled sweaters and wool products, so nothing is being wasted!  The prices at MyEcoBaby are very reasonable, especially compared to other wool products that I have seen on the market.  MyEcoBaby even offers longies in the shop which would be perfect for the winter!

If you are in the market for another wool soaker, or you want to get started with wool diaper products, please visit MyEcoBaby on Etsy!

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