Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunning Out Stains

Many of you probably already know and practice the little tip I am going to share today.  But for those who are new to cloth diapering, researching, or searching for answers, I wanted to share it.

Clothesline diaper headerThe easiest and best way to get stains out of your diapers is to lay them in the sun when wet/damp.  The sun is a natural bleach, and it is harmless to your diapers.  Just place the interior, or stained side of your diapers facing the sunlight.  This is also an economical way to dry your diapers, as it saves money on the electricity required to run your dryer.

With spring comes April showers, but also lovely sunny days.  As I type, my diapers are dangling in the gentle breeze and turning brilliant white.  I am so glad for the sun – especially after a winter of drying my diapers indoors!


For those of you who do not have a clothesline, just get creative!  I used to clip my diapers onto hangers and hang them from my banister.  I have also placed a drying rack on the patio and placed my diapers “face” up in the sun. 

In addition to it’s bleaching properties, sunshine ultraviolet rays are a natural antiseptic.  It can help eliminate the bacteria that may be giving your diapers a case of the stinkies!

I have read that you can even “sun” your diapers if it is raining outside.  I haven’t personally tried this, but those of you who live in damp climates might need to give it a shot!

So get out in this beautiful spring weather.  Take your baby to the park.  Play in the sunshine.  And let your diapers join in the fun too!


Minnesota Momma said...

i am lucky to have a sun room that i hang my diapers in during the winter and the room heats up quick! my husband hates when i hang them out there lol i just laugh and say it's not like we have any company coming over :)

Gena @ Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today! It's fabulous! Good job!

Nichole said...

Just did this today with my daughters diapers. :o)

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